Amazons Wonders is an online slot from Synot Games that lacks nothing. The gameplay, bonuses, and nice graphics all make for an enjoyable casino experience.

Wonder Woman is surely known to many a comic book fan, after all, the beautiful Gal Gadot made a huge commercial for her. It's no wonder then that online slot machine manufacturers want to ride the sexy superheroine wave. Synot Games' Amazons Wonders online slot borrows the theme of the Amazons and their superheroic abilities. And since Synot really knows how to handle female heroines, and they also manage to come up with a decent bonus scheme, we were really looking forward to the Amazons Wonders slot. How did it turn out?

The Game’s visuals

Synot Games knows how to make visuals look great and the Amazons Wonders slot machine is proof of that. Despite the fact that the slot uses basically a simple static template, it's really nice. The details, which the graphic designers know how to play with, are also elaborated here. What's more, there are up to four Amazons spinning the reels, with blonds, redheads, and brunettes on the reels. It’s a pleasure to note that the authors did not only focus on these exposed symbols but also on the others. Even the “cheapest” ones look nice, and the Wild and Scatter ones are already really nicely refined. The sound side was also successful. The slot is one of the less lively slots but it doesn't matter at all, on the contrary, the music and the sounds fit the game.

Basic game properties

Amazons Wonders offer pretty decent music in terms of the playing itself. The slot machine has 5 reels, 3 lines, and 30 optional winning lines. You can choose from 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 winning lines for a single spin. Some will take advantage of it, others will always go full thirty.

Otherwise, however, everything is the same as with other slots from Synot Games. You are tasked with spinning as many identical symbols as possible on the reels, and of course, only symbols that are in the winning lines count as wins. Such a winning combination will award a prize scaled according to the paytables. The amount depends on how many symbols you spun on the line. The more symbols, the higher the winnings.

If you've played Harlequin Dice or any other Synot Games slot, you'll find the controls of Amazons Wonders instantly familiar. The template is the same. You control the slot from the bottom of the screen but you can't adjust much. The most important thing is always how big a bet you choose. Similar to other selectable line games, a straight bet can be made on just one line, and then this bet amount is multiplied by the number of lines you play.

The very last control available is the Max Bet button. Clicking on it will automatically set the highest possible bet per round.

Bonus features of the slot machine

There are just about enough bonuses in the Amazons Wonders slot machine. Respectively, there are all the ones we like. This means that you land the Wild Symbol or Scatter Symbol on the reels and you can double your winnings from these symbols via the Risk/Gamble feature.

Quite frankly, we'll admit that we didn't mind the fact that basically all the bonuses only offer basic features. We have periods when we need exactly that, no delays just straightforward gameplay without any hiccups. And on the Amazons Wonders slot, that's exactly what it is.

The wild symbol is, therefore, only there to replace non-paying symbols in an otherwise potentially winning combination. If it appears on the reels in such a way that all other symbols form an unbroken chain with it, you win as if all chained symbols were the same.

We like the scatter symbol just a little bit more. Not that it's prettier, it just opens up other game possibilities. Here, specifically, free spins. The number of freespins depends on how many scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. If there are 7, you get 7 spins, if there are 8 you get 15 spins, and if there are 9 scatter symbols on a trio of reels, you get up to 30 free spins. It's a pity that you can't spin more scatters in freespins.

If you miss out on any of your Amazons Wonders wins, you have the option to extend them. But it takes a fair amount of risk. Synot Games have, as is their custom, added a Gamble/Risk feature to the game. Thanks to it, you can multiply your original winnings several times over. However, you have to correctly guess the color of the overturned card. If you hit, your win is instantly doubled. But if you don't guess the color, you lose all your previous earnings. Fortunately, there is also a chance to split the amount after a successful guess, so you will only risk half of your winnings.

Amazons Wonders is also part of the Synot games' progressive jackpots, simply called the Synot Progressive Bonus. If you're lucky, you'll be entered into a special bonus game where you can win one of 4 jackpot levels.

A review of the Amazons Wonders Slot Machine

Synot Games prove once again that they keep fit. Amazons Wonders is a very good online slot that has perhaps everything a regular player needs to be satisfied. What's more, it looks good too. What more could you wish for? You can play it for example at Betsafe or Energy online casino. If you're still wondering whether to take the plunge, we recommend you try the free demo first. See if the slot machine catches you and if it does, bet real money and win something nice. Good luck.

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