Reel Hot Respin je kvalitný retro slot od Synot Games, ktorý má fajn grafiku, príjemnú hrateľnosť a viacero lákavých bonusov.

So it seems to us like retro slots are on the retreat a bit. We're not talking about the fruity ones now, there are still plenty of those. But honest, retro-flashing and sound-booming machines, such as the Reel Hot Respin reviewed just now. There used to be more of them on offer in casinos, I'm sure. But we are not going to cry over spilled milk. Those who want retro slots will find them, and if they come across Reel Hot Respin by Synot Games, they'll be satisfied.

The Game’s visuals

We've probably never criticized Synot Games' online slots for their visuals. And we have no reason to do so with Reel Hot Respin either. It looks exactly as good as the authors intended. It's just right for retro and just right for modern. We're totally comfortable with it that way. The graphics are nice, modern, vibrant, and flash when they're supposed to. The sounds are also carefully chosen to fit in with the retro atmosphere that the online slot evokes. We have no reason to criticize, on the contrary.

Basic game properties

Synot is well known for allowing players to complete their gaming experience, and it does this to great effect in the Reel Hot Respin online slot. For example, it already starts with the fact that you can choose the number of winning lines. The minimum is 5, the maximum is 30. You build the experience and the level of risk you are comfortable with. Otherwise, it’s a classic – 5 reels and 3 rows.

Traditionally, you can only win from the left side. The online slot pays out when you land a combination of at least three of the same symbol on any of the winning lines. It is better to have 4 or 5 of them, of course. However, three is the minimum. But, the first one must be placed on the reel to the far left. From this, you have probably already understood that wins do not pay both ways, but only from the left side.

Synot Games has its controls pretty well figured out, so there's no reason to change them too much. Important controls are located on the bottom edge of the slot machine. To start with, you need to choose the amount you are willing to bet. The Reel Hot Respin slot machine, which also allows you to set the number of winning lines, allows you to set the bet amount per line. You can then see the total bet amount in the bottom panel. Once you have set your bet parameters, you can start the game. It's up to you whether you just do one round by manually clicking the Spin button, or start the Auto Start. However, it doesn't have any major settings or conditions that you can choose. Only you can choose how many rounds the slot will automatically spin for you. The last button to be controlled is Max Bet. As its name suggests, pressing it selects the maximum possible bet.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Another good feature of games by Synot Games is there are quite a few bonuses and they are well crafted. We're delighted that the bonuses in the Reel Hot Respin online slot machine are keeping this tradition alive.

Let's start with the Wild symbol. The wild symbol here has its traditional role of the joker. It acts as a substitute for missing symbols on potentially winning combinations. Replace the missing symbol and you win.

The second symbol is the Free Spins symbol. It is a Scatter symbol, so it doesn't matter whether a trio, quad, or quintuplet of these symbols appears on a winning line or not. If they show up on the Reel Hot Respin slot machine, you are instantly awarded free spins. Their number depends on the number of these symbols. Three Scatter symbols award 10 freespins, four award 15 freespins, and five Scatter symbols on the board award up to 20 free spins. However, there is another pleasant surprise in this bonus mode, which is that every win achieved in this mode is multiplied by x2. In addition, you can also spin other freespins at any time during the session.

We saved the bonus feature for last, which gave the whole slot its name. Respin. But not just such an ordinary one. The way respin works in this slot is that after you finish spinning the reels (even after a winning combination), you have the option to select any of the reels and spin it again for a fee. We found it quite worthwhile to use this feature when we had two Scatter symbols left on the board and were trying to land a third. Just watch out. The game knows which reel is important to you and that's why the respins of these reels are usually the most expensive.

Of course, there is also a Gamble feature, so if you like Risk, you can multiply the reward amount several times after each win. The path to this is simply to guess the color of the hidden card. If you guess right, the amount in your account will increase, if you don't, you will lose the bet amount.

Progressive jackpots can also be part of the Reel Hot Respin slot game. Synot runs its own add-on game, the Synot Progressive Bonus and you can win big no matter how you do on the slot itself. It's just about luck. However, these progressive bonuses may not be deployed at all casinos with Synot games.

Reel Hot Respin slot machine review

If you're after a good retro slot machine, you'll love Reel Hot Respin. But players who just want to play a quality and well-crafted slot machine will also have fun. We recommend you try the demo version first. If you're hooked, then feel free to head over to an online casino, and spin the reels for real. We wish you good luck playing.

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