There are two kinds of people in the world - those who truly enjoy watching horror movies, and those who rather quickly scurry under their blanket whenever they hear a mention of horror. And of course, there are even some extremists who’ll turn their lights off and close their blinds to maximize the horror atmosphere.

Do you, too, shiver at the very thought of that? Or are you rather one of those who think that sounds like a great idea, and are currently considering what’s the next scary thing you’d like to enjoy? Regardless of which group you belong to, a bit of excitement is something that everyone likes to seek out from time to time.

And over time, some horror elements moved from movies to casinos – more precisely, to casino games. And some of these games are very popular. That’s not surprising though, these scary online slots depict the player (who wants to win his/her payout) fighting against zombies, vampires, or demons. They are highly creative and come with high-quality animations as well as a wide range of sounds that will send a shiver down your spine. Let’s have a look at the most scary ones below.

Vampire Bride

The vampire theme is an ever-popular one and can attract a wide variety of players – from women who look forward to a romantic meeting with a beautiful vampire, to those interested in bloodthirsty creatures of the night.

Vampire Bride by SYNOT Games does tell the story of a beauty kidnapped by a lord of the night, but there’s little romance to see here. On the contrary, the game will surprise you with its scary environment and dark-themed winning symbols.

Symbols J, Q, K and A spin on 4 reels and 4 rows. There’s also a mythical knight, a dead bride, and a wooden stake with garlic – tools which can drive any visitor of the night away. All of this is placed in the environment of a midnight graveyard, and the combination of ghastly sounds make a great contribution to the atmosphere.

The slot machine is not based on winning lines – in other words, there are up to 256 ways to win. In addition to classical winning symbols, you can also encounter bonus, Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol can replace any other symbol missing in a winning combination. In other words, it's a wildcard. To enjoy the benefits of a Scatter symbol, you need it to appear at least 3x on your reels. It will then reward you with free spins - in particular, 3 Scatters net you 10 free spins. On the other hand, 4 Scatters give 15.

The story and presentation will certainly catch your attention, and we hope you end up liking the game as much as we did. And the great wins you can get are then a bonus on top.

The Vampires

Let’s stay with the vampire theme for a little longer The Vampires is an online slot machine developed by Endorphina that brings a high-quality gaming experience which will surprise you with its creative design. It will immediately take you to a scary home of a vampire (who would expect that these night creatures will enjoy living together so much?), and if you lack a good dose of courage we’d recommend not even opening the door!

But you don’t need to come with a wooden stake, a cross or the Bible - all of these are available in game. You can also use holy water or guns with silver bullets to fight the vampires. But already at first glance it should be clear that it’s not going to be an easy battle. 5 reels and 3 rows depict sexy female vampires, which are at a distinct numerical advantage. These dead beauties are aided by none other than Dracula himself, who will allow you to get a payout of up to 500 times your initial bet.

Developers also included a generous range of bonus symbols. There are three in the game – Wild, Scatter, and the Special Bonus. Bats act as Wild symbols and can thus replace any missing symbol on one of the 25 winning lines. Scatter symbols are depicted as vampires attacking their victim, and if you get at least 3 on your reels, you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. Moreover, your wins are automatically multiplied during free spin mode. The dreadful entertainment culminates with the bonus round. Three blood-filled cups start a minigame where your goal is to raise as many dead in the graveyard as possible.

But that’s not all there is to the game - there are detailed graphics and horror-themed sounds that are particularly notable when you win. Do you think you can handle all that?

Hell Mania

Disobedient children go to hell - or so we were told. But there are different depictions of hell, and the one by SYNOT Games is certainly a viable destination for many. Their Hell Mania will showcase hell’s more attractive side, notably the one with beautiful women and huge prizes for the taking.

5 reels and 3 rows depict dark symbols such as crosses, pitchforks and magical pentagrams. Of course, the devil himself also makes an appearance – accompanied by his sexy aid.

The game might not include any special bonus games, but at least your eyes can gaze upon the Wild symbol. Here, it behaves as an expanding symbol and is represented as a “horny” redhead – and as usual, its wildcard function means that you can use it to complete any winning line. But that’s not all. As soon as you make use of a wild symbol, it will expand to the whole reel (and moreover you get rewarded with a full-screen view of the sexy beauty). Actually, we could just as well rank this machine in the sexy slots theme.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance by Microgaming is proof that vampires are truly immortal. The design might surprise you a bit though, since the story takes place neither in ages past nor at Dracula’s castle. Instead, the lords of the night have come to our present times and they bring the promise of gigantic wins with them.

The developers of Immortal Romance placed their bets on fresh graphics and simplicity. Vampires in this game have a bit of a Gothic feel to them, and the music (which greatly enhances the overall atmosphere of the game) also bears a similar theme. 5 reels and three rows offer a range of interesting symbols, and there’s even a surprise that appears once you get the bonus.

As usual, the Wild symbol replaces any other symbol in the winning line. But the Scatter is much more interesting here. In particular, it offers you one of 4 rewards. All you need to do is get it at least 2x on your reels and you’ll automatically unlock a bonus with 4 characters. Each character offers a different bonus:

Character 1 - Amber – 10 free spins, during which your prize is multiplied by 5.

Character 2 - Troy – 15 free spins. If you win, bats will appear on the gaming field and transform some of the symbols.

Character 3 - Michael – 20 free spins. If you win, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols which will allow you to create new winning combinations.

Character 4 - Sarah – 25 free spins. A Wild symbol will appear randomly on the third reel. It acts as a standard Wild symbol but can also change other, standard symbols to Wild ones. The number of changed symbols is random.

It is perhaps best to try out the individual symbols and bonuses of the special characters in free mode. In the end, it’s only up to you to decide which dark vampire will help you multiply your winnings.

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Blood Suckers

Vampires, again? It might seem that the market with vampire-themed slot machines is already saturated. But the truth is that people never seem to have enough of these dead monsters. And this is especially true when considering great games such as Blood Suckers by NetEnt Games.

This story about ancient bloodthirsty monsters is played out on 5 reels and 3 rows. Blood Suckers offer 25 winning lines, and to win you need to get three identical symbols in a line. Equipped with garlic, the Bible and a cross - or perhaps a crossbow with a wooden arrow - you should have all you need to enter the fight. But the fight won’t be an easy one, since you’ll be facing none other then Dracula himself along with his dead henchmen - freshly raised from the grave.

Blood Suckers will surprise you with a varied range of bonus symbols and games. The traditional Wild symbol is depicted by a vampire longing for the juicy artery of an innocent blonde - and, of course, serves as a wildcard. That means it can replace any other symbol that you might need in your winning line.

The Scatter symbol is then a dead bride, and if you get it at least 2x on you reels you’ll be rewarded with interesting bonuses. In particular, two Scatters serve as a multiplier for your bet and 3 or more such symbols will reward you with 10 free spins during which your wins will be tripled.

Moreover, if you manage to get 3 Bonus symbols, you’ll be transported to the bonus game. With a hammer and stake you’ll be opening a tomb full of vampires, and your task is to open the coffins within. Each vampire you find and stake will net you a nice reward. The game ends once you open an empty coffin.

The game also offers interesting visuals and is complemented with scary sounds that will send chills down your spine. If you have the courage to play, you can start by first trying out the game for free and testing all the special symbols.

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Blood Suckers II

NetEnt’s Blood Suckers also has a second installment. And Blood Suckers II is just as scary as the first one.

Compared to the first game, this one also has an adventurous theme in addition to the vampires and tombs. Sexy vampiress Amalia sets out to find a lost treasure, and your task is to help her. To do so, you need to rack up winning combinations on 5 reels and 3 rows. You have access to 25 fixed winning lines. If several winning combinations appear on a single line, only the most valuable one is counted. But if you manage to get more winning combinations on multiple winning lines, the winnings add up.

Bountiful bonus symbols will also help you in this game. Here, Wild symbols have two functions - first of all, they act as wildcards which can replace any missing symbol. But they also act as a special symbol, meaning that if you get at least 2 Wild symbols, you’ll be rewarded with extra credits. Scatter symbols also make an appearance. 2 Scatters increase the multiplier of your bet.

And the tension starts rising even more if you manage to get at least 3 Bonus symbols. This will unlock the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game. There you’ll be opening mysterious coffins that hide various winning symbols. If you find a key symbol, you’ll be taken to the next level - moving you closer to the legendary treasure hidden in the last level. 3 Scatter symbols in the bonus game activate 100 free spins. However, if you find a demon, the bonus game ends.

Blood Suckers ll certainly has a lot to offer for both new players and experienced veterans. This mysterious game full of winning symbols is also available for free - this way you can try it out, and then show Amalia that you’re a worthy partner for her search.

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Legacy of the Wild

Sorcerers are not always the friendly characters you might know from fairytales for children. Some are evil, dangerous, and will use every opportunity to send malevolent spells your way. Don’t believe me? Then you certainly haven’t played Legacy of the Wild by Playtech, which brings players to the dark side of the world of magic.

This mystery-packed game will take you to the world of ghosts, dark sorcerers, goblins and gnomes. Your primary goal is to avoid all unfriendly monsters which will do their best to curse you. But that doesn't mean that this adventurous story won’t offer you a ton of entertainment - and a nice sum on your bank account, too. There are many ways to win in this game.

In particular, the slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows, 20 fixed betting lines. The reels are themed after a magic study room, featuring magical spell books as well as flying candles. If you manage to get a winning combination featuring symbols of some of the characters, you can look forward to some really nice rewards. The ornaments and shapes have a lower value.

The Wild symbol (referred to “Book of Wilds” here) acts as a wildcard. It can replace any other symbol that you might need in a winning combination. The Book of Wilds can contain up to 5 pages, which will open up and replace other symbols that are adjacent to the original Wild symbol.

And now comes the best part. Each time you win, the symbols in that winning combination magically disappear and are replaced by new ones. This means you get more and more opportunities to get further winning combinations. In particular, a single spin can lead to several wins.

All in all, Legacy of the Wild is a thrilling and non-traditional game which will also pique the interest of more demanding players. If you are wondering whether the game is also the right one for you, we recommend trying it for free first. Just a few spins is all that’s required to get right in the thick of things, and soon the kingdom of magic will feel like home.

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