Online casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses

For a while now, casino bonuses have been the primary promotional means of all online casinos. There was a time when brands competed against each other in trying to offer new players more, until the bonus amounts and structure stabilized to what they are today. Today you can choose from many bonuses offered by each casino, not only during registration, but also in terms of various loyalty bonuses. Take a look at the bonus structure considered:

Casino bonuses for new players

No deposit bonus

Only some casinos offer no deposit bonuses. All you need to do is register and request a bonus. No deposit necessary. Of course, these bonuses are not usually very high. They are intended for those looking to try playing at the casino. Put simply, you are playing with the house's money for actual prizes.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses require the player to make a first deposit to the casino. Based on this deposit, the casino adds a bonus to your account based on the current bonus conditions. This way you can play a lot more.

Casino bonuses for loyal players

Common weekly or monthly bonuses

Bonuses are also available after the registration process. More regular bonuses await while you play at the casino. Some casinos reward their players every week, others on a monthly basis. The reward depends on the amount deposited or on the frequency of playing during the course of this period.

Bonuses for VIP players

There is even more in store for VIP players. If you play more often, a lot and with high stakes, you can request to be promoted to VIP player status. You will receive much more than standard players.