No boredom with non-traditional slot machines

No boredom with non-traditional slot machines

We hope you will agree that online slot machines are a great form of entertainment. If played in reasonable quantities, they offer players unrepeatable experiences. However, even the best kind of entertainment can lose its charm over time, and so you might need a new spark at some point.

And the various traditional slot machines can sometimes be very similar to each other. Aside from their theme, slot machines differ from each other primarily in their bonuses. However, these only represent a very small percentage of the time spent playing, and so in the end you end up watching spinning reels for 90% of the time, just with different symbols. Perhaps you didn't notice that until now, but boredom has a way of getting everywhere. Luckily, the same cure for boredom that works everywhere else can also help you in the world of slot machines - change.

One cure for an evening spent watching infinitely spinning reels can be provided by entertaining non-traditional slots. Just like the traditional ones, these also offer the opportunity to win interesting payouts - but in addition can provide an original gaming experience that will reignite your enjoyment of the game.

Alternative slot machines are available in numerous online casinos. We found numerous potentially interesting alternative games, but the following four seemed especially enticing thanks to their unique design,


This online slot machine will let loose hundreds of small monsters (germs) upon you, and your task will be to create a winning line from the same type of germs. But instead of doing so with spinning reels, you’ll be swapping whole rows. The aim is to have at least 3 germs next to each other, in any direction. There are up to 12 lines in the game - 6 vertical and 6 horizontal ones. Another refreshing touch is that winning lines vanish and are replaced by new germs, which can create new combinations. Add to that interesting bonuses and really nice visuals, and what you get is a game that’s really hard to leave from. We can recommend Germinator to everyone who likes mobile games.

Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is an online slot machine by Betsoft. Perhaps that alone is enough to catch your attention. After all, games by this kind of developers are never completely standard, and Sugar Pop is based on an exceptionally original design. It’s rare to see a slot machine connecting mobile games, slots, and excellent graphics in such a great way. The gaming field looks traditional at first glance, there’re 5 columns and 5 rows containing symbols - sweets in this case. Your aim is to create a winning combination from those. How? In any way possible.

There are potentially infinitely many winning lines, the only thing that matters is to have the same sweets next to each other - it doesn't matter whether vertically or horizontally. Similarly as in Germinator, creating a winning line will explode the symbols in that line; they are then replaced by the symbols falling from the row above. Sugar Pop also offers a number of bonuses and even leveling, which means that there’s certainly no lack of motivation to play. If you like a challenge, this is the game for you.

Enchanted Woods

Microgaming also went in an alternative direction and created a non-traditional and entertaining slot machine with fairytale visuals. In your fairytale journey, your aim is to classically obtain 3 or more identical symbols in a line on five reels. The trick is that while there are 5 reels, there is only a single line. And so there’s only a single winning line.

The price of a bet also differs from the usual: one bet means that you get to spin the reels twice. Indeed, after placing your bet you can spin once, and if you didn’t win then you can choose to keep any of the cards by using the Hold button. Afterwards only those reels that you didn’t decide to Hold will spin. This means you get a second chance to get a winning line. This system, one that you might be familiar with if you know video poker, is also a perfect fit for online slot machines. There are also plenty of bonuses and even special modes, which will also please players with interesting prizes. And so if you like the fantasy genre and video poker, we believe that you’ll be mightily entertained with this slot machine.


SpinGo is a bit different than the previous slot machines - in fact it’s not a slot machine at all, but rather a mixture of roulette and bingo. It might sound crazy, but the gameplay works marvelously. The principles of Spingo are drawing balls which land into the colorful roulette wheel.

The game is played on a playing field and a drawing machine with balls labeled from 0 to 10. The screen also contains a roulette wheel with fields of various colors (8 blue, 8 yellow, 8 red and 1 green field).

Your goal is to guess which number will be drawn and into what color it will land. You can also bet on a color, odd/even numbers, high/low, zero, and you can also try to guess the specific number. All in all, there’s really a lot of betting options to choose from, and even though at the beginning you might be a bit skeptical, give it just a short while and you’ll find yourselves placing bets left and right - indeed, we found the game to in fact be quite addictive.