Check out the video review of the Hot Africa online slot machine from Synot Games. Set off to get some wins beyond the equator.

It’s said that Africa cannot be understood with sense. Who saw the crazy dances of the local aborigines probably knows why. The wild continent is full of, to Europeans, unbelievable experiences, sensations, tastes, and smells that are being served to you on a platter by SYNOT Games in the Hot Africa slot. And it’s only up to you to decide whether you’ll take something from the online casinos.

Game’s visuals

If Africa can really boast with something, it’s the local beauty and variety. You won’t see so many colors and so much life anywhere else. And if you ask us, it’s great that these things that are so important to the African continent were caught so well in the visuals by Synot Games. The graphics and sounds are of top-notch quality and it’s a pleasure to play. So few casino games can swallow a player with its atmosphere. But Hot Africa has no problem with it. You’ll turn it on and in a while, you’ll be walking around in the bush and savannah to find treasures that someone else hid there.

Basic game properties

The path to wealth is a tough one, you can expect 5 reels with three rows and on them, 15 fixed winning lines. That might not be a lot, but other features of the slot will make it up to you. You can fight your way to prizes through the winning combinations. Those are traditionally valid from left to right, and they have to begin on the first reel on the left. If a winning combination shows up on the reels, you have a chance to double your prize thanks to the Gamble function. Here it’s called Risk.

As many times before, you’ll be turning a card here and trying to guess the color that’s hidden. If you guess it right, your win gets doubled. Should you guess wrong, you lose everything. The more careful ones among us will have a chance to split the sum in half.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

The bonuses in the Hot Africa slot machine, unlike the visuals, didn’t make us take a seat. But that doesn't mean that they're weak. Meaning that they will delight you every time you get them. In wild Africa, the Wild symbol cannot be missing. Here, it’s a joker that will replace missing symbols in a potentially winning combination and will thus allow you a prize as if the combination was complete. Aside from that, however, it gives out nice benefits. After getting 3, 4, or 5 symbols in a single line, you are rewarded with a payout worth 10, 50, or 250-times the original bet. And 250-times your bet... That's enough for an elephant.

Not even the Scatter symbol is missing in Hot Africa. Displaying it 3 or more times on the reels will pay out a win according to the winnings table, but what's more important is that it will move you to the Kilimanjaro of slots, which is 15 free spins. And in order for it to be worth it, the free spins start with a multiplier of x2. The x2 multiplier is valid until you get the Extra Wild symbol on the middle reel. As soon as that happens, the multiplier changes to x4 or up to an amazing x8. The Extra Wild symbol can only be spun during the free spins and normally it works as an ordinary Wild symbol - replacing the non-winning symbols to create a winning combination.

Rating the Hot Africa slot

According to us, Hot Africa is a slot that has everything that a great slot needs. Amazing visuals, smooth gameplay, bonuses that you’ll know, originally complemented by other benefits, and a truly perfect atmosphere. At first glance, it’s an unassuming online slot machine that took the best from Africa and is offering unforgeable experiences. When you feel like going under the sharp sun of the equator then Hot Africa is a good choice. So start booking your flights. This will be a trip you won’t forget.

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