Looking for treasures is a lot easier with a fearless and beautiful woman. Spin some wins on the Vicky Ventura online slot machine from Red Tiger.

There are plenty of adventure slot machines on the market. But good adventure slot machines are few and far between. If you’re expecting more than just a simple theme with a Scatter and Wild symbol from a slot machine, there aren’t that many options in the casinos’ selection. The Red Tiger company introduced several adventure online slots on the market and we have to write that they are among the best that players can reach. The Vicky Ventura game was also able to rank itself in this group.

The Game’s visuals

As it is obvious from the name, the main heroine of the game is a woman. Although she has the name of a porn-star, unlike the other slot machine from Red Tiger’s workshop – Golden Temple, there wasn't that much effort to make a sexy heroine with a massive cleavage in this game. But we’re giving points for bravery. What you’ll certainly notice is the inspiration with the legendary Indiana Jones. The used font and Vicky’s clothes all refer quite a lot on the life-time role of Harrison Ford (sorry Han Solo).

The graphics are traditional Tiger-esque and nice. It definitely ranks as above-average. But we’ll admit that it’s missing something to be an absolute TOP. Maybe a bit more dynamic, maybe some more interaction, who knows. But the recently reviewed Dragon’s Fire slot machine intrigued us more with its visuals. Although the sound of leaves rustling in the background and when the most valuable symbol appears a sudden sound hits when it stops beautifully showcases how much the authors look at details. That is why truly we like their slot machines.

The sound is also very good, the music is captivating and pleasant, and the surrounding jungle sounds with an added metal clapping of the reels creates a very pleasant atmosphere. The visuals are definitely A, although we’re not giving them the plus this time.

Basic game properties

Don’t expect a high-level drop of Red Tiger slots in terms of playability. Far from it! Vicky Ventura plays really well. If you quickly get bored of playing a simple slot machine, this game will entertain you throughout your entire gameplay. All you need is to not get tied up with the rules about the number of reels and winning lines. In the basic game, you can expect the classic 5 reels and 3 rows. And there’s a nice 243 paths to wins available. The number of rows, however, is not changeable and there’s a barrage of other options that you can use to get a win. If everything works in your favor, it can happen that the number of winning lines rises to an unbelievable 16,807. A crazy number and practically a zero chance that you wouldn’t win anything.

The game’s basic principle is standard. You spin the reels and wait till they stop so that the symbols create a winning line that the slot will reward you for. The winning combinations are only valid from left to right.

The control elements are the same as with all Red Tiger games. You can select your bet size, turn on autoplay where you can also set the number of spins, the maximum bet height, the win limit, and also whether the game stops when reaching some of the bonuses. There’s also a turbo mode which increases the game speed by cutting all of the animations.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

The bonuses on the Vicky Ventura slot won’t disappoint. The high standard is upheld here as well, so you can rest assured that aside from the wins, you can expect excitement and fun. The main role is played by a mythical totem on the right side of the slot machine. It can make miracles happen but it needs a bit of help. You can supply that help by spinning the totem crystal on the reels. If you recharge the totem this way, it will pay you back by being able to change the symbols on the reels after they finish spinning or by unlocking a Wild symbol locked in the row, and it can also conjure up another magical crystal.

The authors connected the totem to the free spins. You achieve them when you get three Free spin symbols anywhere on the reels. There are 10 free spins in the beginning but you can get more than that. After the free spins, the playing field expands by an additional two rows with locked symbols. And that’s not all. If you really manage to get another triplet of free spin symbols during the bonus game, you will get another 10 symbols and you’ll unlock the seventh locked row. And that’s when you get to the above-mentioned 16,000 paths to a win. All you need is for the totem to be in a good mood.

Summary of the Vicky Ventura slot

The Vicky Ventura slot suffers a bit because it has strong competition on its own “team”. Red Tiger offers more entertaining slots so despite it being an above-average online slot machine, we can't give it a higher rating. Maybe you’ll like this theme more than the other slots in which case you’ll be royally satisfied.

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