European Roulette from Red Tiger is a simple and pleasant online roulette game that will make the beginnings of playing casino games easy for newbies. Try it out.

We like Red Tiger as a supplier of casino games. As one of only a few developers, they try to bring something original to every game and they think about the players’ fun. Of course, it's not necessary to idealize it but simply put, their games tend to be fun. We were, of course, curious to see if they can do it with such a classical game as is the roulette the same way they manage it with slot machines.

The Game’s visuals

The authors fought with the online roulette more than well. And trust us that it’s not an easy task. Although at first glance, the roulette game seems like an easy game, it’s possible to easily mess it up with bad visuals and controls. If you ever had to click your way through three screens just to display the racetrack or had to wait 30 seconds until the roulette ball stops jumping around, you know what we mean.

Red Tiger did an A-plus job on the layout of the elements and it managed to fit all the roulette table parts on one screen. And in such a way that even less-experienced players won't lose their bearings. Even bigger masters tend to struggle with it but the tigers managed it perfectly. The European roulette online game isn’t at all complicated and it puts an emphasis on allowing even beginners to play on the table.

The menu is interestingly made. Usually, the entire control panel is in the lower half of the screen. Here, it’s the direct opposite and it’s at the top. Although at first the power of habits will make you aim your cursor to the bottom of the screen, after some time you’ll get used to it and it doesn’t bother you when playing.

Basic game properties of European Roulette

As is obvious from the name, the rules that will be applied to the table will be European. This means one 0 and 37 numbers. Instead of the standard English language, the table has Slovak labels which is a pleasant surprise. It took us a while before we got used to it, mainly when using common roulette expressions. But we appreciate the effort in trying to provide players with even more comfort.

As we’ve mentioned with the visuals, the entire table fits on one screen and the controls are very friendly. Practically everything important is done with a mouse from one place without any unnecessary clicking through menus.

There's no need to make misconceptions about the complexity of the game. European Roulette will mainly interest players looking for a fast game without any unnecessary statistics and bet details. Not that there aren't any statistics and special bets. It's just that there’s less of them and they don't cover such a wide range as with more complex roulette tables.

Even that is enough to enjoy the game while using any playing system or strategy (for example Parlay).

Rating the roulette from Red Tiger

Practically everything that we wanted to mention is in this review. European Roulette from Red Tiger is an excellent casino game for beginners and starting players that want to enjoy themselves while playing and not have to deal with statistics with each bet. And we think that it's what it should be on a good roulette table. You’re mainly supposed to distract yourselves while playing and that’s something you’ll do here. Plus with pleasant graphics and simple controls. The tigers managed their entrance into the roulette world well and we’re looking forward to more casino games from them.

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