The Esqueleto Mariachi online game from Red Tiger really got us. Not often is a slot machine able to conjure up a pleasant smile on our faces.

The Esqueleto Mariachi online game really got us. Not often is a slot machine able to conjure up a pleasant smile on our faces. For the online slot from the company Red Tiger it was a piece of cake and we had some great fun with it. Hats off to the tigers. This machine is a great calling card for them. The main cause of our excitement is the slot’s theme itself. Skeleton-musicians, that look like they fell out of the well-known movie Coco from Pixar are the source of fun and nice wins. We’ll enjoy strumming along with the skeletons’ music again anytime.

Game’s visuals

Writing about the visuals of a game from Red Tiger is difficult. They are always A+ sophisticated and there isn’t practically anything to criticize. And it's the same case here. Beautiful and detailed graphics that wouldn’t be out of place in any computer game are complemented with amazing sounds. Their quality is multiplied by the fact that this slot machine is mainly about music. And the authors really tried hard to make that obvious from the sounds. Simply put, it’s a proper Latino fiesta with everything that belongs there. Colors, music, and manana. We’ve enjoyed it to the max.

Basic game properties

Esqueleto Mariachi doesn’t steer away from the standard of traditional slot machines too much when it comes to its properties. It’s a slot machine composed of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed winning lines, where the winning combinations are valid from left to right.

Among the functions that will improve your playing, we’d like to note two. Autoplay, as its name suggests, it turns on the automatic spinning of the reels, without you having to constantly press the Spin button. You can set the total number of spins and also a loss limits after which the spinning stops. Alternatively, you can set a win limit, after which it stops. You can also set the game to stop if a bonus is reached.

The second function is the Turbo mode. When you turn it on, the slot machine notably speeds up. In such a visually advanced slot machine, it would be a great shame to not enjoy it in the classical mode. If there was a Gamble function, we’d be completely contempt.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

The main role in the Esqueleto Mariachi slot is played by the three skeleton-musicians and during bonuses, their influence on your account shows up the most. Each one of them has one unique property that can properly shuffle the cards... I mean, reels.

The magic hides to the right from the reels. There are three windows behind which the trio of musicians is hiding. During the game, the figures randomly peek out of the windows and play a bit on their instrument. This causes a unique function to start, that properly mixes the symbols on the entire screen. It’s great that either one figure can lean out of the window or two and three can do so together, at which point the real fun begins.

If the guitarist leans out and strums a bit on his guitar, it calls a random number of Wild symbols to the reels. If the trumpet player leans out and blows into his trumpet, the non-winning symbols leave the reels and get replaced by other ones. This can cause many more winning combinations to be created. And lastly, when the maraquero looks out the window and plays his “maracas”, it moves columns or entire rows. With this rearranging, it creates new winning combinations again. If all three lean out at the same time, you can imagine what happens on the screen.

These musical “gifts” are also used by the Scatter symbol. It’s called “Mariachi Spins” in this game. Every time you manage to get at least three of them, a game with free spins gets launched. Their number is unfortunately calculated randomly. What’s great, however, is that during the free spins, the musical specialties turn on and you’ll know beforehand how many there will be. That’s because before the start of the free spins a ballot will tell you their number. All you have to do then is enjoy the game.

Not even the Wild symbol is missing. It’s a joker that replaces missing symbols in a winning combination. It’s pleasant that the Wild symbol itself makes up winning combination and so if you get more than 2 on the playing field, you’ll make something even if it doesn’t create a winning line. For five wild symbols, you’ll even get a beautiful win worth 500-times your bet.

Summary of the Esqueleto Mariachi slot

Not saying that the Esqueleto Mariachi slot is a HIT, would be a sin. Similarly to the Pirates’ Plenty slot, it is a sophisticated machine that you won’t get bored playing. On top of that, it is truly entertaining and will keep your attention throughout the entire game. So if you don’t know what slot machine from Red Tiger to play, try out this one. You’ll see for yourself that it’s a piece of work that will surely get into your list of top games.

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