If you like tales about piggies, then the Piggy Pirates online slot machine from Red Tiger will quickly become your favorite.

It’s amazing how a slot machine can entertain you in other ways than just the traditional spinning of reels. They know that all too well in Red Tiger and so they approach the slot’s development a bit differently. The Piggy Pirates online slot machine will entertain you with a trio of small pigs that will be joining you for the entire duration of the game. These aren’t ordinary pigs, however. They are “terrible” pirates, the scourge of the seas and oceans. Putting these small swines into a pirate theme was a masterful move and we had several nice laughs while playing this game.

The Game’s visuals

The visuals are awesome. As we've come to expect with Red Tiger games. We like the story about the three piggies and the big bad wolf. Here, the authors used this premise well enough. The graphics are amazing and detailed and each piggy has its own style, weapon, and also several unique facial expressions. It’s easily visible that the developers had fun when making this game. A perfect and funny atmosphere is accompanied by cheerful sounds of oinking and squealing pigs and also the big bad pirate wolf.

Basic game properties

The Piggy Pirates slot machine will intrigue you from the moment you turn it on. If you feel that the playing field is somewhat “wide”, it’s because it has 6 reels and 4 rows with up to 40 fixed winning lines. This is some machine.

Despite its massiveness, it works in the normal way. That means that wins are calculated from left to right and the winning combinations must start on the first reel to the left.

The controls are very simple and you can set the bet height (a maximum of € 350 in Casino Euro), increase the speed of the game with the help of the turbo mode, and of course, if you don’t wanna spin manually, you can use the Autoplay function. You can set up the autoplay function at will. Selecting from the number of spins that the slot will do, to the maximum height of your loss. But you can also set the slot to stop if you get a win or any bonus function.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

Let’s move on to the best, to the bonuses. Then again, there aren't that many of them. At least not as many as we’ve become used to with Tiger’s slots. But those that are here are worth the pirate toil.

We were surprised by the absence of the Wild symbol in the basic game. During the playing itself, we enjoyed the game without this symbol. It was well replaced by the naughty piglets. They are the Scatter symbols. You have to spin all three of them on the reels in order to get into the bonus game. But to not make it too difficult, the authors borrowed the Sticky Wild and Moving Wild functions. Except they used it on the Scatter symbols. This means that when the first pig shows up on the playing field, it doesn’t disappear immediately with the next spin. On the contrary, it stays in its place several following spins and waits for its brothers. And if it doesn’t meet them it starts walking across the reels. Each spin moves it by one position to the right or left. It travels this way until its two brothers show up or until it falls off the final reel into the sea.

As soon as all three piggies show up on the reels, the bonus game starts and you have an unlimited amount of free spins. Yes, really unlimited. And during the free spins, the Wild symbol shows up as we know it. It has the form of a gold coin and every time it shows up on the reels, it works as a joker and replaces the missing symbols in a winning line. But it’s also a collectors trophy.

Every time the gold coin shows up, one of the pigs grabs it. At the end of the bonus round, the gold coins are counted and you can get crazy wins thanks to them. The end of the unlimited free spins is always caused by the big bad wolf. As soon as its symbol shows up on the 6th reel, the piggies know things are bad. The wolf throws a bomb and the collected gold coins get thrown across the reels. The more coins were collected by the pigs during the free spins the bigger the chance of them helping you as Wild symbols to achieve some nice prizes.

The Piggy Pirates similarly to, for example, Flaming Fox, or Esqueleto Mariachi, is part of the selection of slots where you can play for the progressive jackpot. The condition is that you have to spin the Jackpot symbol on the reels at least three times.

Summary of the Piggy Pirates slot

The Piggy Pirates slot machine is a perfect example of a new generation slot machine. It joins amazing visuals, a great bonus, and a ton of fun so it’s difficult not to return every day. Try out this game for yourselves and see that we weren't wrong about it.

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