Our tip for what to play - Playson slot machines

Are you looking for an activity to kill boredom, make waiting pleasant or do you just want to enjoy a great slot machine bomb with which you’ll be entertained and get your blood flowing? Then slot machines from Playson are waiting for you.

Why play Playson slot machines?

Playson games are notable for several interesting properties. Get ready for:

  • modern theme graphics
  • detailed workmanship
  • classic and also non-traditional themes
  • a great musical background
  • enticing bonus rounds
  • outstanding winnings

TOP games from Playson

Yes, yes, we understand. Choosing from such a vast selection of games is tough work. You can let yourselves be inspired by our choice of slot machines that are worth it.

Sevens & Fruits

Sevens and Fruits - a never-dying classic that won’t ever get boring. A simple slot machine that offers a juicy game in which you’ll meet symbols of melons, grapes, lemons or oranges. And if lady luck smiles at you in the form of five sevens, you’ll get 1000-times your bet.

Crystal Land

Crystal Land falls among alternative slot machines and is intended for all lovers of non-traditional game systems. Don’t expect any classical reels nor traditional lines, Crystal Land has falling diamonds. If you manage to spin the appropriate winning combination, it will expand to the playing field. Some fields are blocked and will only be unblocked by wins.

Burlesque Queen

They say that newer is better. However, that’s not always how it is. Sometimes, we simply have a need to go back a few decades and get to know a period in which people from the past lived in. In this case, you have two options, either you invent a time-machine, or you try out the Burlesque Queen slot.

Ticklish ladies, delicious drinks, quality music, and perfect wins - all of that is offered by this slot machine. You won’t be cheated from special winning symbols, in Burlesque Queen you’ll be pleased by the Wild and Scatter symbol.


In stories, witches are always ugly women with a wart on their nose that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Luckily, the Spellcraft slot machine decided to break these stereotypes with good-looking witches that will conjure up some nice wins for you.

The winning potion is made from a drop of luck, a flask of fun and at least one dose of winning symbols in the correct line. Have fun with the special bonus symbols - Power of Three, Ghost Reel and the Bonus symbol. They are hiding expanded winning lines, free spins but also a bonus game in which you can mix-up your magic potion to your needs.

Where can you play Playson games?

These and many other games can be found in online casinos. Playson slots can be found, for example, also in the casino Unibet. You can enjoy these games on a computer, tablet or via phone. You can play them over the browser or try out the popular mobile app.

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