What's a jackpot? We could simply describe this word as a premium prize that can be won when playing the lottery or casino games. And so jackpots are not missing in online slots and are always a kind of attractive added value for every single player. This popular "improver" was not forgotten when creating progressive jackpot slots by developers at Red Tiger. You can play for three, all of which are progressive, which means that their amount is constantly growing. How so? Part of the money from each player’s bet is moved to these Red Tiger games. And so these premium winnings increase until the pot lands in someone's player account and then the whole process starts over again.

Mega jackpot - Super Drop

About every player who spins the reels of luxury slot machines from Red Tiger pays attention to this type of jackpot. The Mega jackpot (Super drop) always climbs to astronomical heights. The minimum amount of this premium prize is set at € 50,000 and the maximum limit is capped at a fantastic amount of up to € 10,000,000. It doesn’t fall very often, but you never know when happiness can smile at you too. How can you get a chance to play for the Mega jackpot? Just spin the reels on selected Red Tiger machines with a minimum bet of € 0.10.

It must be acknowledged that the terms are really very simple and every turn with a minimum stake of 10 cents can mean winning a life win. It's just about chance because the win is controlled by a random number generator, which is part of a premium winning system at an online casino.

Daily jackpot - Daily Drop

The second type of jackpot you can play when playing Red Tiger slot machines is the Daily jackpot (Daily drop). The terms of participation are the same as for Mega drop. But as its name suggests, this one falls every day. Its value always starts at the limit of € 1,000 and climbs on average to tens of thousands Euro during the day. Here as well, a win can fall at any time and to any player who spins the reels of these machines. But one thing is certain, every day, someone gets it.

Some casinos may also have the next level of these Red Tiger progressive jackpots - hourly jackpots that brighten players' hearts every hour. But we haven't seen them deployed as often in European casinos.

Red Tiger slot game with jackpots are worth playing

You'll definitely like the Red Tiger games at the casino. Each one - from simple slot machines with one winning line to online games, is packed with fantastic bonus features. In addition to these jackpots, they guarantee fantastic entertainment while playing whether you like classics, adventure stories on reels, or untraditional game mechanics.

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