Book of Secrets 6 is a six-reel variant of the popular online slot from Synot Games. See what game bonuses the casino offers players.

The beautiful Ivy, the main heroine of of the Book of Secrets online slot machine , is one of the most popular female heroines in slots (not only in our country). That's probably why Synot Games decided that it would be a shame not to use its potential even more. And that's how the Book of Secrets 6 slot was born. The name already suggests what its biggest news is. Let's take a look together to see if there are more new surprises.

The Game’s visuals

The original visuals looked average. Not that it was ugly, no, but it seemed too static. Well, that hasn't changed at all. The visuals remained exactly the same. The only thing you'll notice is that the symbols have shrunk a bit. Logically, it's a tax for having more of them on the board. Otherwise, everything is exactly as in the classic Book of Secrets. This is also true for sounds. The haunting Arabic melody is still playing, and the sounds of the reels spinning and the wins have not changed.

Basic game properties

The biggest change one notices right after launching the game, that is, if one hadn't already noticed the big six in the name. Six reels is a rather non-standard phenomenon but certainly a welcome one, especially if it brings more hope of winning. The other parameters have remained the same. You have three lines and 10 fixed winning lines. Too bad, at least there could’ve been more lines on 6 reels.

We were curious if the authors offered at least a two-way payout of prizes. But they didn't. The slot works in a completely classic way, you have to connect at least 3 of the same symbols, the first of which must be placed on the leftmost reel. Of course, the more identical symbols on a winning line, the higher the win. By the way, the value of winnings has decreased slightly. For example, 5 of the same symbol in Book of Secrets 6 will award less than the original game.

The game controls have remained exactly the same. But we didn't expect any changes here. The controls are arranged in a standard way, as they are in Synot Games slots. The whole machine is controlled from the bottom of the screen, and there's basically not much to control. The basic idea is to use a pair of arrows to select the amount you want to bet on the account and then start the spin(s). You can choose to run every single spin, or start autoplay, which will play for you after you set the number of automatic spins. The last button that can be used is the Max Bet button. This immediately sets the maximum possible bet. This can vary from casino to casino.

Bonus features of the slot machine

The bonuses have not been affected by the changes, but frankly, we don't see it as a detriment. Their selection suited us in the original game. So once again we have a Wild and Scatter symbol combined. We think this is quite an interesting idea and we are surprised that it is not being used much. Although we understand that 2 bonus symbols on their own look better marketing-wise.

The symbol of the book, which is that special symbol, thus functions first as an ordinary wild symbol. That is, if it appears on a winning line, it can substitute for the missing symbol to form a winning combination.

It's much more interesting with the second functionality that the book symbol has. It also acts as a Scatter symbol. If you spin it anywhere on the reels at least three times, you are instantly awarded 10 freespins. However, to make the free spins more fun, right from the start the game randomly selects one of the regular symbols to become the special symbol during the freespins. This then works in such a way that once it appears on the reels, it can spread to the entire reel. However, the expansion only occurs if a sufficient number of special symbols are present to win. The best part is that a winning combination made up of these special symbols does not have to start on the first left reel, nor do they have to be adjacent to each other. We also appreciate the fact that you can spin in an extra batch of free spins during freespins.

In some casinos, you can also compete for four Synot Progressive Bonus jackpots when playing Synot slots. You can see the values of all 4 jackpots directly above the reels.

Finally, there is the Risk or Gamble function. In it, as in all other good slots, you have to guess the correct color of the card that is turned over. If your guess is correct, the bet amount will be doubled. If you miss, you'll lose the money. However, to make it more manageable for higher wins, there is an option to split the bet amount in half after the first win. The second will be credited to your account immediately.

If you still don't like the number of bonuses, there are some casinos where the Book of Secrets 6 slot is included in the Synot Progressive bonus, so you can win a progressive jackpot, accumulated from multiple titles.

A review of the Book of Secrets 6 slot

The Book of Secrets 6 is basically a clone of its older version, which brings one extra reel. You won't be bored while playing. But if you're used to the older version, you won't find much reason to change. However, it's best if you try Book of Secret 6 for free first. Any good online casino that offers this game allows you to do so for an unlimited amount of time. Try it out and decide whether you want to keep playing the original 5-reel version, or enjoy the beauty of Ivy on 6 reels in this new release from Synot Games.

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