Progressive bonuses are loved by players. They offer great rewards for nothing, or only for what you would do without trying to get them, i.e. for playing. But they are also loved because they can turn even a seemingly empty online slot machine with no bonuses into an attractive machine where you can win an interesting amount of money. One of the progressive jackpots in English casinos is the Synot Progressive bonus.

What is the value of the SYNOT Progressive Bonus?

You can see how much is at stake at all levels live. Everything important is displayed in a clear graphic above the game screen of the SYNOT Games online slot you are currently playing. You can see the current jackpot values for each level right there.

The Synot Progressive bonus has 4 levels in online casinos:

  • GOLD

BRONZE BRONZE is the lowest level of the progressive jackpot, but it has the advantage of hitting most often, often several times a day. Its height, when it falls most often, is individually set at each casino. But the average is in the tens or hundreds of Euros. Higher levels are more valuable but their frequency of occurrence is decreasing. The SILVER and GOLD levels already have values in the hundreds or thousands of Euros, and the highest DIAMOND level often climbs to beautiful sums that can already make many dreams come true. However, it is clear that such luck to win the DIAMOND jackpot only smiles on players once in a while.

How to get into the Synot Progressive Jackpot game

The name of the bonus already implies where you will encounter this jackpot. It is strictly tied to selected slots from SYNOT Games. Of course, only in casinos that have it enabled.

The idea behind the progressive bonus is the same as for other similar Jackpots. For example, we have already written about EGT’s progressive jackpots in this article. The point of these jackpots is that you really don't have to do anything other than play as you always have. For some other progressive jackpots, the bonus is triggered by spinning three of the same symbols on a reel. However, there is no such entry for the Synot jackpot. Neither the amount of the bet nor the amount lost matters, it is purely the will of the slot machine.

The Synot Progressive Bonus is triggered completely randomly after a game round has been played. It doesn't matter at all whether it was a winner or not. Simply ring the bell, start the animation and you're in the running for 4 awesome levels of progressive bonuses. Here, the mini-game decides which of the jackpots you will win.

Play for the Synot Progressive Bonus

The winnings for each level of the Synot jackpot are calculated only from the bets placed at the specific online casino. This progressive bonus is therefore not bundled with other slots from SYNOT Games in other casinos. You can rest assured that as soon as you win a prize, the amount will be credited to your player account.

We can only recommend SYNOT Games' slot games to you, we recommend them ourselves in many of our reviews thanks to their graphics and interesting bonuses. So combine the pleasant with the useful, spin the reels in the Book of Secrets online slot, and maybe, besides the beautiful main heroine Ivy, luck will be on your side and you will be the winner of one of the Synot Progressive bonus levels. We wish you good luck.

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