Harlequin Dice is a fruit-themed slot machine from Synot Games that put on a very decent show. Play it wherever the dice are loaded in the casino.

Coming up with an interesting theme for a new slot machine is not easy. Most developers like to keep it simple and take inspiration from the competition. But then we have fruit, precious stones, a sandy desert, and so on. That's why we can appreciate developers like Synot Games who are not afraid to reach into lesser-used themes and bring novelties. Harlequin Dice is an online slot machine, that takes the classic fruit theme and wraps it up in an original theatrical performance. It doesn't offer an extra portion of creative features, but thanks to Synot Games' attention to detail in their games, you'll get an interesting slot machine that will keep you entertained.

The Game’s visuals

The visual template from Synot Games has clearly defined rules and the Harlequin Dice slot machine sticks to them, which is a good thing. We have to admit that we liked the graphics of the slot. It is a static template, where not even a piece of cloth on the curtain moves except for the symbols on the reels, but we didn't mind. And to be precise, this is a fruit slot machine too, but it's been processed in such a way that you don't actually feel like you're playing just another variation on a hundred-year-old slot with spinning cherries, lemons, and apples. The sounds are also a credit to this. The music is pleasant, unobtrusive, and even when playing for a long time we didn't feel like turning it off. Even the noises when a win was achieved or credited to our account didn't bother us. Quite simply, once again, Synot Games pays attention to such details and it shows. Thank you for that.

Basic game properties

The Harlequin Dice slot machine reminded us most of all of another Synot Games game, namely Fruit Awards. Similar visual template, but mainly similar gameplay possibilities. 4 reels, 3 rows, and up to 81 winning lines in a criss-cross style. For us, this is a very decent slot machine feature and gives you a pretty good chance of getting some nice wins.

There are no groundbreaking innovations waiting for you when you play. Your only objective is to land the same symbol on each of the four reels. Such a winning combination will award a prize scaled according to the paytables.

The game controls of Synot games are very simple and intuitive. The Harlequin Dice slot is controlled from the bottom edge of the screen. There are not many controls. The key is to set the bet amount. You do this using the plus and minus buttons. Once you have selected the bet amount, you can decide whether to spin manually every single spin or to let Autoplay play. Autoplay spins the reels for you for as many spins as you initially select. There are no other settings. The last button that can be used is the Max Bet button. The name of the button makes it obvious what it is used for – it bets the maximum possible amount per round.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Unlike the aforementioned Fruit Awards online slot, Harlequin Dice is more generous in its bonuses. Not that there are a lot of bonus features, but the ones that are here can put on a quality show.

Let's start with the Wild symbol. This is the harlequin, which the slot machine has in its name. As is customary, the Wild symbol substitutes for symbols that are missing from a winning combination. The nice bonus of the Wild symbol in this slot is that it can form a winning combination on its own, and 4 Wild symbols will award 100x your bet.

The second symbol is the Scatter, here referred to as the Bonus symbol. In the Harlequin Dice online slot, it takes the form of a dice and can get you into Free Spins. It depends on how many Bonus symbols you spin (minimum 3 and maximum 4). If you spin three, you roll one dice and the number of dice rolled is the number of free spins you get. However, if you spin 4 Bonus symbols, you roll up to two dice and get as many freespins as the sum of the two dice rolls (2 to 12). Interesting solution and quite a nice change. It's just a pity that you can't get extra free spins during freespins.

And just so you’re not too sad about this. Synot Games have, as is their custom, added a Gamble/Risk feature to the game. This will help you multiply your original winnings if you decide to take a little risk. As always, your task is to guess the color of the card, face up, facing away from you. If you guess the color, your win is doubled, if you don't, you lose the bet amount. However, in order not to lose everything, the authors have made it possible to split the prize amount after the first winning round and bet only half of the amount won. It's also nice that the deck of cards includes the Joker as a joker.

Some casinos even have progressive jackpots embedded in the Synot Progressive Bonus, or this game is part of the casino's platform jackpots.

Harlequin Dice slot machine review

We enjoyed playing Harlequin Dice at an online casino. It's nothing new and we've seen practically all the gameplay elements in some Synot slots, but the authors mixed it all up in such a way that we enjoyed it and didn't feel the need to run to other games. We think you won't regret giving the Harlequin Dice online slot a chance and if you happen to have any doubts, try playing the slot for free.

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