Fruit Awards is a simple online slot machine with an enhanced Wild symbol that adds to your base game winnings.

Sometimes, we feel that if we click one more single fruit slot machine we will probably get diabetes. There are clouds of them. And the Fruit Awards online slot is no different. But it's a slot from Synot Games, and fortunately, they are the authors who hopefully have never let us down yet. And the Fruit Awards won't disappoint either, you just mustn't have exaggerated expectations.

The Game’s visuals

The Fruit Awards is not pretending to be something it isn't. The visuals clearly indicate that this is a Synot Games game but it is not one of the graphic gems. It has nice but static graphics, and we are glad that besides the symbols and reels themselves, at least a little energy has been devoted to the background and the surroundings of the playing field. So you get a pretty nice-looking game on your screen that won't hurt your eyes. We didn't even mind the sounds, and even found ourselves enjoying the applause that comes with winning after a few long minutes of playing. Well, at least it's such a small breath of fresh air into an otherwise fruit-laden slot.

Basic game properties

We also give points to the Fruit Awards slot for offering a compromise of 4 reels. Every online casino has a bag full of these three-reel and five-reel slots on offer. The 4 reels are therefore a pleasant refreshment. In addition to the four reels, there are 3 rows, and a very respectable 81 fixed winning lines (criss-cross). That’s why you sometimes come across the Fruit Awards 81 slot machine name.

The functionality of the slot is classic. You spin the reels and wait to see if fortune smiles on you and at the end of the spin there are at least 3 of the same symbol on the reels. To win, this minimum trio of symbols must start on the first reel from the left.

The controls are old-fashioned, meaning that what you don't click, you don't get. You basically control the whole game from the bottom of the screen, the menu doesn't offer any advanced features. The most important thing, of course, is the ability to set the bet amount. This is done with a pair of plus and minus buttons and the bet value ranges from €0.10 to €100 on most online gaming sites. If you feel like making the highest possible bet, you don't need to click it, just select the Max Bet button and it will instantly roll the aforementioned €100 per spin. In addition, you only have a pair of Spin and Autoplay buttons.

In case you get a winning combination, you have the option to expand the win even further using the Gamble/Risk feature. You will be familiar with its principle, which is that you have to guess the color of the card that’s turned over. If you manage to do so, you double your winnings but if not, you lose everything. Fortunately, the slot allows you to split your winnings in half after each successful round and risk only a portion of it. There is also a joker that appears between the cards, and when you spin it, it's automatically treated as if you spun the correct color of the card.

Bonus features of the slot machine

It's no mean feat with bonuses on the Fruit Awards slot but we've seen bonus-poorer slots before. In fact, there is only one special symbol and that is the Wild symbol. It acts as a joker. It substitutes for missing symbols in potentially winning combinations and pays the prize as if a complete combination. However, like e-gaming's Big Show game, this bonus is also extended with a win multiplier. This is because if the Wild symbol is part of a winning combination, the prize is multiplied by 2, if there are two Wild symbols in the combination, the prize is multiplied by 4, and if the winning combination is a trio of Wild symbols, the prize is multiplied by 8.

The 4-level Synot Progressive Bonus jackpot is also a nice addition to the Fruit Awards slot in some quality casinos. Read more about it here.

Fruit Awards Slot Machine Review

Fruit Awards 81 is a fast and well-playing online slot from our favorite development studio and is successfully appearing in the charts of the most played games. We think it will suit those who don't like to linger and don't care too much about bonus features. As long as you're happy with the Wild symbol expanded by the win multiplier, you'll be perfectly happy.

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