Super Joker 40 is an online slot machine from Kajot Games that offers loaded bonuses. At least try it out and you won’t regret it.

The Super Joker 40 is another seemingly simple fruity slot machine , but one that delivers loads of fun and a really cool Scatter bonus. At first, we were suspicious of it. But it quickly convinced us that the time spent on it cannot be considered as wasted. It's great fun and Kajot once again proved that those that know, know.

The Game’s visuals

Kajot's online slots are not among those that need to somehow impress you with graphics, let alone hide flat game content behind them. Far from it! Graphically, they were never among the top and even Super Joker 40 doesn't surpass the graphic shadow of these slots. However, we don’t dare to write that it does not look good. It's a definite shift from the older games, and after some initial getting used to it, we ended up liking the slot design quite a bit. The sounds are standard, slot-like. They reminded us of the sounds from the old slot machines. But we missed the music. There are a few hints of musical cues during a win but that's not nearly enough. It was too quiet for us.

Basic game properties

However, on the previous lines we have already exhausted all the negative aspects of the slot machine. The following paragraphs will only be praising it. The Super Joker 40 online slot machine is comprised of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed winning lines. It's already a very good game cocktail. When you add to that the fast pace of the game and the rather frequent appearance of bonuses, there is nothing to think about, just play and enjoy.

The principle of the game is quite classic. Your trump card is a winning combination. This must be made up of at least 3 of the same symbol, chained together on one of the 40 winning lines. And of course, the more identical symbols on a winning line, the higher the win. The condition is that the first symbol in the combination must be placed on the first reel from the left.

The inviolable rule says that good online slots must have simple and clear controls. Super Joker 40 has one of those but it could be a hair better. The slot machine is controlled from the bottom of the game board. Here, as everywhere else, the most important indicator is the amount of the bet. However, you do not set this directly but through a pair of values. The first is the bet and the second is the value of the coin. The product of these two numbers will determine the bet. And this is exactly the little downside we mentioned. We think it is easier to enter the bet amount directly than to deal with two values with plus/minus buttons. In case you don't want to click individually, there is a Max button. This immediately sets the maximum possible bet.

After setting the bet amount, you have two options. Spin the reels manually, and start each subsequent round manually, or enable autoplay, choose the number of rounds to be played automatically, and don't worry about anything else. And so it’s up to you to choose your preference.

Bonus features of the slot machine

And now the best thing that always separates the wheat from the chaff – the bonuses. There are only two of them, and they are the most basic ones, but their execution makes Super Joker 40 online slot great fun.

The Wild symbol carries the image of the Joker and works as we are used to. Basically, wherever it appears, it can substitute for a missing symbol in a winning line and thus activate it. Only this Wild is special. It can also act as an expanded, stacked Wild (see Wild Symbol Properties). This happens whenever you land the same symbol on the same reel. What happens then is that in the next spin (unless you change the bet amount), these four identical regular symbols will be replaced by 4 Wild symbols, giving you a better chance of landing a win. We really liked this solution of the Wild.

However, the Scatter symbol doesn't want to be embarrassed either. The Scatter is a star, and your goal should be to spin at least three stars anywhere on the playing field. This is when the freespins are activated. There are 5 freespins and we were literally shocked that you can only win during them. How is that possible? Simple. The first, third, and fifth reels turn into reels with the Stacked Wild symbol and only reels 2 and 4 are spun. It is therefore clear that any symbol on reel 2 will cause at least a 3-symbol win. What happens if there are symbols on both reel 2 and reel 4 on any of the lines is perhaps unnecessary to write. What we're happy to write about, though, is that Wild works similarly in freespins as it does in the base game. This means that 4 identical symbols on a reel are replaced by a Stacked Wild. This can lead to some insane winnings.

Super Joker 40 slot machine review

The Super Joker 40 online slot may not look like a top game, but thanks to its bonuses, it is a slot that we recommend everyone to play. It doesn't matter that it's an ordinary fruit slot. Its bonuses will captivate even the most demanding players and can conjure up a good portion of adrenaline. If you're not sure whether to play it, be sure to take the opportunity to try it for free at any casino that has Super Joker 40 on offer.

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