4 reels and 71 winning lines sound interesting. The Multi Vegas 81 online slot from Kajot Games is an attractive alternative and you should give it a try.

Kajot have a simple philosophy with their games. They need to be, first and foremost, simple and accessible to players. Only then are graphics and other things addressed. The Multi Vegas 81, however, is a tiny exception. It is a simple slot machine with interesting and pleasant visuals. And it offers great entertainment.

The Game’s visuals

Older games from Kajot have prepared us for all sorts of things, but the Multi Vegas 81 surprised us with its visuals. Especially the graphics are good and although it is the most primitive fruit slot possible, the template Kajot chose looks good and didn't bore us throughout the game. The sounds are not to be thrown away either, although you can already tell here that nobody has been too involved with them. There are simply such and the player has to get used to them. However, the overall impression is very positive.

Basic game properties

Even the game parameters are slightly different from what we are used to. 4 reels are not common, but once in a while, it is a very nice alternative to all those 3 and 5-reel slot machines that dominate casinos. Multi Vegas 81 thus offers 4 reels, 3 rows, and up to 81 fixed criss-cross winning combinations when playing on 4 winning symbols.

The premise is simple, you need to make a winning combination of at least 3 identical symbols that connect on adjacent reels. A better and more attractive payout is to stack 4 straight-chained symbols in a row. The condition is that the first symbol in the combination must be placed on the reel that is first from the left.

A good slot machine is also easy to use, and at Kajot they think about that. With a few exceptions, this is really a job well done. The exception to this is the choice of the bet amount. In order to select the value of your bet, instead of simply selecting a specific number, you need to click on up to two values, namely the Bet and then the Coin value. We admit we find this way of setting up bets a bit unfortunate and unnecessarily complicated.

Otherwise, the controls are just fine. You control everything from the bottom edge of the screen. We've already covered the bet settings, but there are other buttons as well. Of course, the most striking one is Spin. You use it to manually rotate the reels and start each round. If this is a hassle for you, we recommend using Autoplay. It will spin the reels for you. You can even choose how many automatic spins the slot will play for you by clicking on the button. The last control is the Max. option, which offers the option for a quick maximum bet.

Bonus features of the slot machine

The bonuses are perhaps the only thing that spoils the impression of a very enjoyable slot. There is only the Wild symbol, the pretentiously named Multi Wild. The symbol works as is its good habit. It fills in missing symbols on winning lines and these symbols then pay a win as if the required number of identical symbols were chained together. Fortunately, there's one more little bonus. As with e-gaming's Multi 5 game, for example, it multiplies the win according to the number of Wild symbols in a winning combination. If there is one Wild, the win is multiplied by x2, if there are 2 Wild symbols, the win is multiplied by x4, and if you have made a combination of one regular symbol and 3 Wild symbols, your bet is multiplied up to x8. And that's it, there are no more direct bonuses in the game.

Multi Vegas 81 slot machine review

Multi Vegas 81 is an interesting 4-reel hybrid, with nice visuals but lacking bonus features. However, if you don't miss freespins for example, it will easily sweep you away with its fun. It kept us playing but we would have liked more bonuses. The patch was at least the running promotions in the casinos during our playing time. You can try it out in several casinos and for free in demos of the game.

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