Try out the Joker Strong online slot machine. Under a not-so-attractive design of this slot from Kajot, you’ll find several interesting functions.

Fruit slots are for some strange reasons still some of the most popular slot machine games out there. Despite there being a lot of them, most of them are almost the same and despite that or maybe because of the fact that they are copies of slot machines that were here a long time ago.

Often times we stand in awe at the charts of the most played games in online casinos (they aren't as manipulated as you can think) and we don’t understand how that or the other slot got so high up. Even in the portfolio of Kajot's slot machines, there are several games whose popularity we just don’t understand. This isn’t the case of the Joker Strong slot machine. Its popularity is quite justified.

The Game’s visuals

The Joker Strong game's visuals are blunt. If we called it a retro slot it would probably be the most precise name for what you see on the screen. Although some retro slots have better graphics. To be honest, it’s not a sight for sore eyes and if you like slots that have good visuals, you should look elsewhere. Basically, it’s a slot machine that uses the Kajot template for fruit slot machines. So if you’ve ever met one of them before, then all the elements are where you’d expect them.

Basic game properties

If you have a look at the printed propositions, Joker Strong has nothing to entice with. 5 reels, 3 rows, and only 5 fixed winning lines aren't exactly staggering numbers. It is, however, a price to pay for that moves the slot to the higher level. Which is bi-directional win payout. It’s a function that every player loves. It’s something that makes a low number of winning lines worth it. If you’re willing to accept this number, you’ll have more fun than with slot machines that have more lines.

The option to set your maximum bet is here, you can also give the coins their value, select the height of your bet, or turn on the autoplay function. During the autoplay game, you can select the number of spins. We were also pleased to know that there’s an infinity option.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

Joker Strong has quite nice bonuses, unlike the graphics. We can say that it kinda surprised us with its creativity. At least, one of them did - Wild symbol. It, of course, works like everywhere else. Which means it replaces missing symbols in winning combinations. All you need is to spin the Wild symbol somewhere on the middle reel and an interesting thing occurs. It changes to a Moving Wild and goes on a scenic route around the reels. Every winning combination that it creates on its travel will get added to your win. We don’t have to mention that this way, you can get quite a nice sum.

Aside from the Moving Wild, the Joker Strong slot machine also features a Scatter symbol. It also works the classic way, meaning that to get to a reward you don´t have to get three scatter symbols in a winning line. Don’t expect that getting three of them will send you into the free spin games. It’ll only payout a win according to the payout table. An interesting bonus is the fact that whenever you spin an identical symbol on all the positions of the reels, your winnings double. We might not have been able to hit this bonus while playing but it’s surely worth a few tries.

Summary of the Joker Strong slot

The Joker Strong isn’t for everyone. Some people might not be able to overlook the outdated design, some might not like the absence of free spins, and others might find a different reason why this slot isn’t their thing. If you like the classics, fruits, and simple playing, then give the Joker Strong a chance. The payouts from both sides and also the interesting functions of the moving Wild are quite alluring.

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