The Simply the Best 81 online slot machine from Kajot is an example of how completely simple slots can offer hours of good fun.

When reviewing practically any online slot machine, we always look at the bonus elements and theme. We’re looking forward to creativity and originality and to be honest, we admire the authors when they can come up with something new and never before seen. We always look forward if they come up with a new bonus game or if they build their online slot on a theme that we’ve not seen before. Afterward, we see the stats of the most played games in online casinos and we find out that a large percentage of players still enjoy very simple fruit machines with 1,000 different varieties. This is the group of players at which Kajot aims their slots most often. And they probably know well what they’re doing as their slots usually show up quite high in the stats.

The Game’s visuals

If you take a look at the Simply the Best 81 online slot, you’ll find it hard to believe that it's a game from the year 2019. But we’re not trying to say anything bad by it. Kajot chose the retro visuals and they did an amazing job. The graphics won't take your breath away, but they aren’t the key in this slot machine. The sound side of things did entertain us though. The musical collection is pleasant and it nicely falls into the retro style. We really enjoyed it. And also the other sounds were great. We weren’t disturbed by them at all while playing which is a common problem of retro slots.

Basic game properties

If you’ve ever played at least a single classical slot machine in your life then Simply the Best 81 won't have anything to surprise you with. Perhaps the number of reels. The standard used to be 3, but now there are 5 of them. With Simply the Best 81, the authors made a compromise and made it with four. Which is a lot more positive and let's be honest, even more, important than the graphics and other things is the fact that you can expect 81 winning lines. That's a nice sum of options on how to create a winning combination.

The important function such as Autoplay isn’t missing. You can set the number of spins, or the maximum bet, thanks to which you are making the maximum possible sum that the slot machine will allow. We are missing the Gamble function since sometimes it’s nice to take a risk.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

The bonus features are humble but they’re good enough and we could say they are nice in making the experience more pleasant. The classical bonus symbol is only the Wild. It looks like a Joker and works just like everywhere else. When it shows up in a winning combination of identical symbols, it can replace the symbol and the slot will pay out a win. The second one of the duo of symbols - the Scatter symbol is missing.

But you won't lose out on the free spins anyway. You just have to work your way towards them in a different way. You have to get 3 identical symbols on the center row. If you get 4, it’s even better, but to get free spins you just need three. How many free spins you get depends on several factors. Mainly on what kind of symbols and how many you've spun in the middle row. You can get a maximum of up to 40 free spins.

Summary of the Simply the Best 81 slot

Although simple fruit online slot machines sometimes annoy us, Simply the Best 81 ranks among the better examples. It is mainly a pleasant and simple slot for a good time that you’ll turn on when you don’t feel like wading from unnecessarily long bonus rounds with other games.

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