The 9 Stars online slot machine from Kajot Games offers an interesting three-reel alternative. How many stars can you collect? Play it at a casino.

Kajot Games are an interesting phenomenon, especially in the Czech, Slovak, and Baltic markets. They are extremely successful with games that at first glance look absolutely ordinary. Classic gameplay, graphics are not quite top-notch, and bonuses don't impress... But practically every game has a charm that wins the players over. And the 9 Stars online slot machine has it too. It's a great game, and once it draws you in, you'll have a hard time running away from it.

The Game’s visuals

9 Stars could be described as modern retro. The inspiration from old three-reel slots is obvious but it is obvious that the authors' goal was not to create a retro slot machine but a modern slot with retro graphics. They succeeded. The 9 Stars may not blow you away visually but it's easy on the eyes. Simple but nice. Only there could have been more sounds. We've mentioned this before with the Super Joker 40, some slightly understated music would have been nice. Anyway, the visuals were successful and there is no reason to criticize them. This is where Kajot really caught on.

Basic game properties

The 9 Stars slot machine is basically a regular three-reel slot. Three reels, three rows, and only 5 winning lines are not enough in today's terms. It's perhaps the only downside to an otherwise very good slot. Fortunately, Kajot Games has experienced people working for them, so they can attract the player in other ways than just the number of lines.

It must be admitted that the 9 Stars slot machine is fast-paced and the game doesn't slow you down in any way. The spin is short, and it takes a few minutes to play 20 spins, for example. This is where the game is good. The principle, perhaps needless to describe, is to chain three of the same symbol in a winning line. If you succeed, prize is yours.

We have long had comments about the control of Made by Kajot. Not that it's complicated, but it can't be called intuitive either. On the contrary, there is too much adjustment. Similar to Multi Vegas 81, the bet amount is not set directly, but via a pair of values. The first is the bet and the second is the value of the coin. The product of these two numbers will determine the bet. Why is it not enough to enter only the resulting bet amount? If you feel like taking a gamble, there's also a Max button. This instantly selects the maximum possible bet.

After choosing the value you are willing to bet, you have two options. Either you spin the reels manually, after every single round. Or you can start Autoplay, set how many rounds you want to play automatically, and start the game. Nothing more needs to be done afterward.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Bonuses on three-reel slot machines aren't particularly generous, and it’s no bomb here either. Actually, there's only one, and you'll have to wait a while for that one. However, it is an original piece, which amused us quite a bit with its execution.

You can forget about Wild and Scatter symbols this time, there is nothing like that here. Instead, you become a collector. There is another smaller bonus “box” below the playing field, or rather below the reels. On it, you can see nine symbols of extinguished stars. Well, your job is to collect the stars on the reels. When a star appears on the reel, at that exact spot in the bonus box, the star will light up. Once you fill-up the entire bonus box, the fun really begins.

This is because the Wheel of Fortune bonus feature is triggered. In this game, the player wins a prize that he or she spins during two phases. In the first phase, you spin one of the winning symbols. In the second phase, a multiplier of 2x, 4x, 8x, and 10x. Your total win is then calculated as the factor of the drawn symbol times the drawn multiplier. By the way, even the stars themselves can form a winning combination.

The bonus star box is linked to the bet amount. Each bet amount has its own bonus box. It's pretty fun, except getting 9 stars isn't exactly quick. As an added little bonus, you can double your winnings by covering the entire playing field with a single symbol.

Rating the 9 Stars slot

9 Stars is not a slot machine that will take your breath away with its sophistication, originality, or visuals. However, it's an honest-to-goodness three-reel slot that offers a quantum of fun and an altogether pleasant extra bonus. It is also available in the online casino at Kajot. Play it and see for yourself if the stars will bring you luck.

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