The Skull Bonanza slot offers a great combination of awesome graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and generous bonuses. Play it at an online casino.

The Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, translated as Day of the Dead, is similar to our All Saints Day but has a completely different atmosphere. Cheerful and joyful. Mexicans know how to have fun and this holiday is a festival of fun. This is probably why it is one of the frequent themes not only for online slots, where we can think of Red Tiger's Esqueleto Mariachi but also for other games and animated fairy tales Synot Games' Skull Bonanza is all about this holiday and we were intrigued at first glance.

The Game’s visuals

The graphics of the slot suited us very well. Sure, one can argue whether the template could be more dynamic and more features could at least move but why? It's all about the gameplay, and any nice graphics are just a nice bonus. Luckily, in Skull Bonanza, the graphics are awesome and the music and sounds fit it perfectly. For example, we loved the fact that when you spin the Wild symbol on the reels bearing the image of a skull, the skull rattles its teeth. And there are more such details in the game. A big round of applause for the effort.

Basic game properties

Where Skull Bonanza loses a bit is in the parameters. Not that it was bad but you can see that other things were compensated for, for example, by the number of winning lines. There are only 9 of these and they are fixed. On 5 reels and 3 rows, we would like to see at least 20.

Skull Bonanza, on the other hand, is a blast to play. It's a fast slot with fairly frequent, albeit smaller wins, so you always get the feeling that something is going on. Wins pay from left to right and you need to chain at least three of the same symbol to win. The more identical symbols in a winning combination, the higher the payout amount.

If you've already come across an online slot from Synot Games, it doesn't matter if it's a Hell Mania or Corsair Queen, you'll instantly know how the slot is operated. It's quite simple and the same in all Synot slot machines.

The controls are below the bottom edge of the playing field and there aren't that many of them. You basically control two things, the bet amount, or the number of automatic spins. You can set the bet amount using the plus and minus buttons. In different casinos the minimum and maximum stakes may be different. Once you have selected your bet value, you can spin the reels instantly or set up multiple auto-spins in a row. Autoplay is completely trivial and the only condition you can give it is how many spins it triggers for you. And we still have the Max Bet button left, pressing it causes the maximum possible amount to be wagered instantly.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Let's move on to the bonuses, Synot Games knows how to mix in something original every now and then, and we're very happy that they managed to do it this time as well. Both Wild and Scatter bonuses are quite creative.

At first glance, it doesn't even seem like it. Both do basically what is expected of them. The Wild substitutes for symbols that would otherwise be missing from a winning combination, and the Scatter sends you into freespins. However, both also work as classic symbols and pay wins for multiple spins. It's already pleasing, but it's really starting to get interesting in freespins.

The free spins, as we said, will get you at least three Scatter symbols on the reels. There are 10 for three. However, there are completely new rules for Wild symbols (and we write plural on purpose). In fact, up to 5 new Wild symbols are entering the scene. The first three will give you additional free spins. These Wilds have +1, +2, and +3 markings on them. What a number, so many free spins will be added.

The second pair of Wild symbols already awards win multipliers. The first of the Wilds multiplies times 2, the second up to times 3. Best of all, if you land any Wild symbol during Freespins, it will remain on the board until the free spins are over. These are the so-called Sticky Wild symbols. Of course, it only has its special feature, either multiplying the win or adding new spins, in the round in which it appears on the reels. But it's still great.

And finally, we've kept the Gamble feature, which is not to be missed in Synot Games slots. It works completely standard, your task is to guess the color of the card turned over. If you hit, you win, if you don't, you lose. Fortunately, the authors have added the option to split your bet after the first game, so you only risk half of the maximum possible amount each time.

Skull Bonanza slot machine review

We really liked the Skull Bonanza game. It has practically everything a good slot machine should have and if there were a few more winning combinations available, we dare say it would be a perfect simple slot machine. If you don't believe us, try out the Skull Bonanza online slot machine for yourself on your mobile and for free. But we really can't imagine what could stop you from playing this game at online casinos. The 4-level Synot Progressive Bonus jackpots are also a nice touch, although they may not be deployed in all casinos with Synot slots.

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