Roulette Diamonds is a standard quality roulette game that offers its players an excellent experience and a bag of statistics. Try it out.

These days, online casinos offer a massive number of roulette games and even the most demanding player will find one that suits them. Basically, you’ll be interested in who’s the author, what rules it follows, and what bets will it allow, and what amounts can be bet. Maybe you’ll also check whether it offers enough statistics.

You won't find any dramatic differences in the gameplay. The classic roulette is far too conservative game with a rich history to make any creative elements of the authors show up too notably. Of course, there are some non-traditional roulette games but the vast majority of them don't steer too far away from the concept. The Roulette Diamond from EASIT also follows the proven tracks and it’s all good.

The Game’s visuals

EASIT and also its sister-company Synot Games thrive on its visuals whether it’s a roulette game, slot machines, or any other casino games. In terms of its visuals, an online roulette game can be ruined in several ways. However EASIT managed this game perfectly. We value when developers are trying to improve things that have been done a million times before and that's why we’ve favored the Roulette Diamonds game. We’re seeing an effort to make the game easier for the player.

If we could only use one word to describe our first impressions after turning the game on, it will be “Overview”. EASIT created a game where you agronomically see everything that’s happening and you don't have to look for your options in the menus. We always value when the racetrack is directly on the main table.

The view of the table is from the top and it’s slightly leaned towards the bottom side. In the upper part of the playing screen is the roulette wheel and in the bottom section, there's a spot for the classic offering of bets. The racetrack is placed vertically, to the right of the playing field with numbers.

Fancy players will welcome the option to chose the table’s color if you don't like the basic green, you have a choice of several other options.

Basic game properties

The Roulette Diamonds game can be found in two versions. The first one is the classic Roulette Diamonds and the second one is the Roulette Diamonds VIP. The visuals only differ in the details but there is one big difference after all. With the VIP version, it's possible to bet up to € 5,000 and the standard version offers a lot less.

After spinning the wheel, you don’t need to expect any surprises. Everything works as standard as you would expect from a roulette. It's a classic roulette game with European rules.

Creating a bet is simple. Click on the chip with the amount that you wish to bet and place it on the playing field with another click. All the standard roulette bets are available. But there is a limited number of them and so the authors have added several special bets. These can be activated in the advanced mode. When this mode is turned on, you can also save your favorite bets. Your game will, therefore, be faster and simpler since you can automate a bunch of things.

For players, that like to take advantage of roulette strategies, Roulette Diamonds has an added value in its rich statistics. Right on the screen, you can see the 9 previous numbers, and more detailed statistics can be displayed with the graph icon in the upper-left corner. You’ll find, for example, the played games in the current round, the most frequently spun numbers, or the share of the individual categories in the wins. If you’re playing the roulette through maths, you’ll go crazy here.

Rating the Roulette Diamonds game

There’s no reason why we would rate Roulette Diamonds negatively. On the contrary. It’s one of those games that when you find it in any casino, you’ll sit down and play it. You know that you’ll get a quality experience. It’s quite spread so you’ll find it in most casinos. And if you don’t want to spend money right away, you can at least check out our video review. You won't be able to test much with this roulette game. It’s good as a standard.

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