The Roulette Ultimate game is a roulette game from the good old days, which you sit down to and the real world disappears somewhere in a distance. You can play it in online casinos.

The desire to play a good roulette once in a while falls on each of us. European casinos might offer plenty of roulette opportunities, but choosing the one that fits your mood takes work.

If you want a roulette in a classic form with common European rules, decent graphics, without any marketing stickers, Roulette Ultimate from EASIT is a good choice.

The Game’s visuals

With a roulette game’s visuals, whatever it’s like, not much can be done. If you want the game to really be called a roulette game, there must be a wheel and a playing area on the table with space for bets. Of course, a small space for chips can’t be missing and if you can handle it, you can also fit the racetrack on the playing area.

EASIT has already developed several successful roulette games and so there was no doubt that, in terms of graphics, they’ll score again. The environment of the game is literally photo-realistic, and it is indistinguishable from a real roulette table.

The view of the table is chosen very well. The table is shown diagonally, with the wheel at the top left of the screen. The space for placing bets is sufficient, even the ball in the wheel can be seen well. And the racetrack is also right on the table so you can get to it without more clicking.

The possibility of partial table customization is also nice. The game allows you to change the color of the canvas on the table, select your language, but also turn off sound effects or music. It is quite pleasant, but after a few dozen minutes of the same musical loop, you'll be really happy for that button that can turn it off.

The only thing we'd say is that everything looks nice but seems too slow. Because of the slow animations, one round takes too long. But it's nothing to discourage us from playing.

Basic game properties

We have already mentioned that this table is playing with European rules. So there is only one zero waiting for you and, therefore, a little more chance of winning than with American roulette.

Your job is only to come in, make the best bets, and as far as a possible hit and win. Everything is simple, and it's enough for a computer mouse. Click to select the chip value you want to bet and then point to the box where you want to put it. There is a decent amount of bets and you can say that a regular player gets everything he needs.

However, if you're missing something, there's nothing easier than to turn on the Expert Mode, which will offer you more options. For example, quick selection of certain bets, placing your favorite bets, etc. We certainly recommend more experienced players to play with extended mode enabled.

If you have a statistical soul in you, you will not be disappointed in Roulette Ultimate. The statistics are sufficient and we appreciate that they are very nicely implemented directly into the playing table. EASIT used every piece of free space on the table and placed the data so that they don't get in the way, but on the contrary, they complement what the player wants to see during the game. There are not that many statistics, but the existing ones are sufficient for 95% of players. If you use roulette strategies while playing the roulette, such assistance will be welcome by you.

We also need to mention two variants of Roulette Ultimate. The normal version allows lower bets to be placed (most casinos have a range of 0.50 € to 50 €). However, in some casinos, you can also run into the VIP version of Roulette Ultimate, where your bets can move much, much higher.

Review of the Roulette Ultimate game

Roulette Ultimate is a good old roulette in a very pleasant graphical environment. Although it is a bit sorry that unlike the already reviewed Roulette Diamonds, it is not adapted for mobile devices and you will not find it in mobile versions of casinos. But if you're an orthodox computer player, you don't have to worry about it. We believe that you have EASIT games already dialed in, but if you don't, definitely try it after reading this review. It's worth it.

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