The Blackjack Mania card game has awesome visuals with an amazing atmosphere and a few great bonuses. Play it and you won't wanna leave.

Playing a quality blackjack game these days isn’t a problem which is why it’s so difficult for authors of this online card game to come up with something that will interest players. EASIT did it the smart way. It didn’t invest a lot of time into innovations and all sorts of features that might be good for marketing but in the end, they just make the game slower. Instead, EASIT refined the things we love about blackjack. It managed to supply online casinos with a game that not only looks great but is also great to play.

The Game’s visuals

EASIT belongs to the same family of companies as Synot Games. We can expect high-quality visuals with an emphasis on details. In Blackjack Mania, EASIT filled both of these to the brim. Not that the graphics are super important when playing blackjack but let’s be honest - blackjack just feels better in luxury casinos. And if you add high-quality piano music to excellent graphics and well-managed ambient sounds you’ll see that it can virtually transport you to your favorite real casino and you won't even notice that you’re playing from home. For that, hats off. Subjectively, this online environment probably increased the rating at least by a degree higher.

Basic game properties

Blackjack Mania is a blackjack game in its purest form. Exactly how we like it. Without any novelties and unnecessary functions. Even a beginner will understand the game within several minutes. The game is played with six packs of 52 cards each. Your target is to get a blackjack or get a sum of your cards equal to 21, and if nothing else, at least get closer to 21 than the dealer. You may not exceed 21, however.

As soon as you finish your turn, the dealer takes theirs. If he reaches 17 and more, he doesn’t take any more hits. If the dealer’s total is lower than 17, the dealer takes additional hits. Even the dealer cannot exceed the value of 21, that would mean an immediate loss. Otherwise, the player that’s closer to the sum than the dealer is the winner. If the total is equal to the dealer’s, it’s a “draw” and the bet is returned.

You can bet thanks to the chips with various values. During the game, you have the traditional functions such as Double, meaning 2-times your bet, thanks to which you can split your cards and of course, the Insurance function in case the dealer gets a 10 or ace as their first card.

An interesting bonus is the so-called Triple sevens. It’s a special card combination in which you have three sevens in your hand with a total sum of 21. For this combination of cards, you get a bonus equal to the height of your bet. We like that the authors were able to add some spice to the game that doesn’t slow you down when you’re playing but instead it uses the standard game rules for special bonuses.

Rating the Blackjack Mania game

It’s probably obvious from this review that the Blackjack Mania fit us well. We honestly enjoyed it and we’ve spent some good time on it. Although we’ll admit that we’ve seen nicer games and more interesting rules with more side bets or bonus games. But the good combination of all of these properties makes the Blackjack Mania a very good blackjack game and we recommend that you play it. Some online casinos have it in their offer and it’s not a problem to encounter it online. If you don’t wanna start with a real game for money, you can try it first. So enjoy it.

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