Classic Blackjack from Red Tiger is an online card game with the potential to bring many new casino players to blackjack.

You can’t ruin anything with a good round of blackjack after work. But in order to make the experience perfect, you need a high-quality blackjack game with all the details done right. Red Tiger is known for its amazing online slots wants a piece of your attention and so it’s offering its own idea of a perfect game – Classic Blackjack. Did they prove that they can keep the bar high up even in this genre as they can in slot machines?

The Game’s visuals

If we were to judge the quality of Classic Blackjack from Red Tiger just based on the graphics, we would have mixed feelings. We’re not saying that the game’s visuals aren’t well done. Not at all. But our gaming souls spoiled by slot machines from the tigers are used to an entirely higher level. The visuals of Classic Blackjack could be called blunt. You’ll find everything that you need for playing but the authors didn’t overdo it with anything. There’s no emphasis on detail nor anything creative that usually bejewels their slots. Not even the sounds go outside the average. They’re here, they’re listenable, they don’t disturb but that’s about all we can write about them.

Basic game properties

Controlling the game is simple and everyone can figure out. Even someone that never played blackjack before. Everything is logically located and is intuitive and comfortable to play with just a mouse.

The rules that the players must follow are classic as you'd expect from the name Classic Blackjack. The game is played with 8 packs of 52 cards and they’re shuffled after each game. On one side of the table is the dealer and you’re on the other as the player. In one round, you can play with up to three hands (as if you are three players).

Many think that the goal of the game is to achieve a combination of cards equal to 21. And the best is to play blackjack with two cards. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you reach 21 points with two cards or for example 6. Realistically, you just have to have better cards than the dealer. Their sum has to be close to the 21-point limit without exceeding it. If you exceed it, you will immediately lose regardless of the dealer’s cards. For the dealer, they must always take a hit if the value of their cards is 16 or less. When they reach 17 points, they stop taking hits.

In order for the game to be more fun, the authors added the popular choices of bets. There are options for double bets if you trust yourselves, or insurance if the dealer gets an ace, to begin with. You can also split the cards. Use that when you get two identical cards in the beginning.

If you belong to the beginners and you’re afraid the dealer has it too easy, you can also let the authors take your hand. There's no shame in it. We tried it and the results were quite good. But how? Red Tiger built several functions into this game in order for you to have a higher chance of winning. The game is basically helping you and is recommending a playing decision. One option is to use the helper where you’ll find the Basic strategy. In it, you’ll find a well-made help section on how to react to the situation on the table.

The second and easier option on how to use help is the “Guide helps” function. It will give you an answer in real-time whether to take another hit or if it’s better from a statistical point of view to hold. The guide is based on the above-mentioned Basic strategy book so it will save you a lot of time that you would spend looking through the guide. We think that especially beginners and less confident players will appreciate this option.

Rating the Classic Blackjack game

Classic Blackjack is a good game. It's good-quality enough that you’d relax and take a break while playing it. You don't even need to think that much thanks to the well-throughout guide that will literary give guide you through your choices. Ideal to relax.

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