England, Beatles, hooligans, and rock'n'roll. Red Tiger's Spin Town online slot is an incredible mix of bonuses and opportunities to win.

We love the products of Red Tiger, the company behind the Spin Town slot machine. Their online games are imaginative, original, and there's no risk of boredom. All this is also true for Spin Town. We just had the feeling that there is already a bit too much here but let's get this out of the way.

The Game’s visuals

The visuals are peculiar. Heavily stylized and very pretty at first glance. The cartoon graphics never get old and so the reels spin in a very pleasant environment. The music fits it beautifully too. By the way, music is very important in this slot. An emphasis on a rock and roll style is strong and you will feel it throughout the entire playing. The game takes place on a kind of pedestrian crossing and is obviously set in the English realm. Well, when you combine England, music, and pedestrian crossing, you don't even have to be a total genius to get Abbey Road. A legendary crosswalk, legendary album, and a legendary band. And indeed the Beatles do appear here, sort of caricatures of them. Along with them, however, other incredible and seemingly unrelated characters, many characters. Sometimes it becomes a real mess, which, we admit, started to bother us after a while.

Basic game properties

The slot machine has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 fixed winning lines. And that's not bad at all. So the chances of winning are quite good. In order to actually win, you must spin at least 3 of the same adjacent symbols on the reels in a winning line, the first of which must start on the leftmost reel. Classic

Don't expect anything special in the slot machine controls either. As long as you play Red Tiger slots regularly, you don't need to learn anything new. The interface is no different from the vast majority of other Tiger slots. The game itself is controlled using the bar at the bottom edge of the screen. On it, you choose the bet amount and press the Spin button. However, clicking the button after each spin of the reels would tire you out pretty quickly, which is why there is an Autoplay feature. Through it, you can set the number of spins the slot machine will play for you. You can also choose when you want the slot machine to stop. This means, for example, after the bonus feature is triggered or the loss limit is exceeded. There's also a turbo mode to get the reels spinning faster.

Bonus features of the slot machine

And now what makes us happy but also scares us at the same time. Bonuses. There's only one, but it has so many variations it makes your eyes spin. We are talking about the Wild symbol. It appears on the reels and can complete a line to make it a winning line. It's just that there are multiple types of Wild bonuses, there is always some small variation that makes a particular Wild stand out.

At the heart of it all is the traffic light (we told you about the mess didn't we?). This is located at the top of the screen. Below is the aforementioned pedestrian crossing. Well, the Wild symbols are clustered on either side of it. When the traffic light changes from red to green, all accumulated Wild symbols are transfered from one side of the road to the other. And along the way, they can bring you multiple benefits:

  • Sleeping Wilds – Pensioners that move one reel with every single spin. Every now and then, however, a pensioner will fall asleep and become a Stacked Wild symbol, which will stay in one spot longer and increase your chances of getting a winning combination.
  • Fast Wilds – Young, rushing people who move across two reels after every single spin.
  • Wild Pair – A man and a woman who, when they bump into each other on the same line, fall in love and become a Wild symbol multiplying wins x2.

It's good, isn't it? But that’s not all. Wild symbols don't just appear on the sides of Spin Town online slot. Special Wilds are also spinning right on his reels. There are again three of them and their effect on your game is as follows:

  • Soccer Ball (March of the Hooligans) – Soccer hooligans march onto the reels as Stacked Wild symbols. They cluster together in groups, which can ensure several winning combinations at the same time.
  • The record (Rock and Roll Step) – Beatles on the scene. With the three records, 4 legendary musicians from The Beatles will pass through the crossing. Their added value, besides the worldwide music craze, is that they can appear as Wild symbols up to 10 times around the slot.
  • Cap of the Royal Guard (March of the Honor Guard) – Guards march on the crossing, their famous caps increasing their range to over two lines. These are therefore mega symbols, which again allow for multiple winning combinations in a single spin.

Well, that's it. It's a lot, and believe us when it's all clustered on the slot machine at once, it's an incredible mess that you won't quite understand. You may not mind, because the more symbols on the playing field, the higher the win and the higher your satisfaction. But we can afford a little snort in the review.

Spin Town Slot Machine Review

It's not often that a Red Tiger game doesn't suit us. The Spin Town slot has managed to do just that, but we still wouldn't dare to write that we don't recommend it to you. If you love England, rock'n'roll, The Beatles, or just plain love a billion bonuses, you'll be rocking out and enjoying a slot paradise. If you prefer the classics, however, you should probably try something else.

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