The Ra’s Legend online slot machine offers the God of the Sun’s temple full of treasures. Set off into its caverns and get the highest possible multiplier.

The strongest god of the Egyptian pantheon, the god of the sun Ra is definitely the most cast god in slot machines. Just think about how many “Ra” slot machines you’ve played. At least the Book of Ra Deluxe is a game known by all.

It looks like good-old Ra can simply lure the players’ attention and so the boys from Red Tiger gave him a try. And since we really like their games, we were also looking forward to the Egyptian ruler of the sun. And how did it go?

The Game’s visuals

Games from Red Tiger might not be your thing for several reasons but graphics definitely won't be one of them. It's usually top-notch and I think we don't know a slot machine from the Tigers that would literary let us down.

The Ra’s Legend slot machine is continuing with the tradition of pimped out visuals but doesn't reach the absolute top. Egyptian themes might be interesting but only a few games can offer visual orgies from this theme. The visuals of Ra’s Legend aren’t bad but they definitely aren't the most modern ones that Red Tiger offers. It's as if it’s missing that eye for detail that the authors showed us in other machines and the animations also weren’t top league.

The sounds are, however, perfect. We have nothing to criticize, the music and individual sound effects when playing the Ra’s Legend online slot machine fall perfectly into the game and move the experience to a higher level.

Basic game properties

The small disappointment from the visuals is quickly fixed by playing itself. There’s nothing to complain about there. When the set of five reels spins up their four rows and you’re waiting whether you’ll hit at least one of the forty winning lines, it’s worth it.

Everything is beautifully smooth just like we know from the other slots, so there’s no wasted time for learning and adjusting to the Ra’s Legend slot machine.

The control elements are laid out the same as with other Red Tiger games. In the autoplay mode, you can set the number of spins, maximum loss limit, win limit, and also whether the game should stop after hitting a bonus. A turbo mode is also here that will speed up the game and of course, we’re not missing the option select our bet height and the Spin button.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

Red Tiger online slots offer full bags of bonuses and it’s no different with this one. It’s almost confusing in the beginning but you’ll slowly get used to it and you’ll learn to like every one of those bonuses.

The most notable one of these bonuses is the god Ra. It shows its dominance by showing up on all 4 rows in all of his glory. And you’ll profit from it because Ra works like a Wild symbol and will fill in the missing symbols in a winning combination. This property is combined with the Sacred bonus symbol after which Ra remains on the reels for a longer time during additional spins. You will get some type of respin.

If the Egyptian gods are in a particularly good mood, they might show up on all 5 reels and you’ll immediately receive a bonus of 1200-times your bet.

Several other bonuses are depending on their state of mind. For example, God’s reels. If a playful god wishes so, he can change the symbols on one or several reels. The select reels will then contain only higher (more valuable) symbols and you have a chance at higher winning lines. Related to this bonus is also the option where Ra offers you a selection of two hands where you don't see what he’s choosing. You can get a Wheel bonus, the gift of the god Ra, which is basically a randomly high sum that you’re winning or you can also get the entrance to the Temple of the God Ra.

The wheel bonus is interesting. A wheel will appear on the screen with multipliers of x5 up to 50-times and Jackpot. You have several chances to spin the wheel and the achieved multipliers get added up. The final multiplier will then multiply your bet.

Finally, there’s a Scatter symbol. You can call it the Temple of the God Ra symbol. You have to get at least three of them on the playing field to activate the bonus game. In it, you enter the sacred pyramid and your challenge is to select the correct golden tiles to get the highest possible win multiplier. The higher up the pyramid you climb the higher the win multipliers. At the peak of the pyramid is the multiplier x800 and that’s worth a bit of effort and concentration in choosing the golden path.

And one more cherry for the end. As with most slots from Red Tiger in the gaming world, even Ra’s Legend gives you the chance to play for Progressive Jackpots. It doesn’t cost you anything than just spinning the reels and waiting whether you’ll manage to spin the Jackpot symbol on the reels three times. The current height of the strong>Daily Drop and progressive Mega Drop jackpots is visible to the left of the reels.

Rating the Ra’s Legend slot machine

Ra’s Legend slightly loses out with us because it’s offering a theme that’s been used a thousand times before. The missing originality can be made up of bonuses and traditionally good gameplay which it manages very well. Although we won't consider it the top, it’s still a very high-quality machine that some people can enjoy more than anything else. It’s best if you try it yourself.

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