The spectacular return of Gonzalo Pizarro? Exactly. Gonzo's Quest is a legend and now it's back in an even better version of Gonzo's Quest Megaways. Give it a try.

The conquistador Gonzo and his adventures in search of the mythical Eldorado in the online slot Gonzo's Quest have undoubtedly become legendary. We probably don't know an online slot player who hasn't encountered and liked this fun adventurer. Netent has certainly made online slot history with this piece of work, so we can't be surprised that they are trying to develop it further. What is surprising, however, is that in doing so it has joined forces with rival company Red Tiger. However, we the players can only be happy about this because the collaboration has resulted in a really great and fun online game Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, which offers a different experience in a familiar setting.

The Game’s visuals

The merger of Netent and Red Tiger could not have turned out badly graphically. Both are willing to invest a lot of money in the visuals of their games and it shows. The Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot is graphically based on its 9-year-old predecessor, but believe us, there's still plenty to look at. The graphics are great and Gonzo is not just a static character somewhere in the background of spinning reels. During the game he moves, mumbles, tosses a coin, or does a lot of other movements that give the game dynamics and a nice touch of the living world. The sounds are of a similarly high standard. Our adventurer likes to keep to himself and can be quite loud when he wins. All this is illustrated by the sounds of the forest and the sound of falling stones. Awesome, you can see here that Red Tiger and Netent are a good combination.

Basic game properties

Now let's take a look at how the Megaways version differs from the classic Gonzo's Quest. In short, in almost everything except the visuals. The slot offers 6 reels but they don't have the classic 3 or 4 rows. There can be anywhere from 2 to 7 symbols per reel. And don't expect classic winning lines either. The unusual amount of symbols on a single reel suggests that the lines will be interesting. The number of lines can vary after each spin. The minimum number of them is 64, with a maximum of a staggering 117,649 winning lines if you land 7 symbols on each reel.

Those who know the original slot machine know that it became famous for the falling stones system and the so-called Avalanche effect. After each win, the winning symbols disappear and the symbols above them take their place. This sort of re-spin is compounded by the fact that after each such new win, the win amount is multiplied by a multiplier. On the second win, it is x2, on the third win it is x3, up to a maximum multiplier of x5. However, the multipliers increase nicely in the bonus game, but more on that later.

You will notice the strongest influence of the Red Tiger authors when controlling the online slot. The new version of Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot, also offered by an online casino, has controls taken from Red Tiger games, albeit with some visual modifications.

For example, the bet amount is not selected using the +/- signs, but via the up and down arrows. However, the layout of the control interface has not changed. You can choose the bet amount on the left and once you have made your choice, you can either press the Spin button to manually put the slot into action or use the Autoplay feature which will spin the reels for you. Red Tiger is famous for the fact that you can specify multiple conditions to stop the automatic reel spin when you activate autoplay. In addition to the number of auto-spins, you can (but don't have to) specify what your maximum loss limit is, what amount of winnings will stop the auto-spin, and whether you want to stop the stones from falling when you spin the bonus game. It's easy to spend a lot of time with Autoplay, and we highly recommend using these settings.

The last control is the Turbo mode. This helps if you don't want to wait unnecessarily for animations, but want to play quickly and efficiently. But for our part, it would be a shame not to enjoy this nice online slot the way the authors created it.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Bonuses are the bread and butter not only in Red Tiger or Netent games. There are quite a few of them in Gonzo's Quest Megaways slot and they are quite imaginative. We are sure that their originality will make you happy whenever you manage to activate them.

Let's start with the Wild symbol. Although it does what it does everywhere else, it is not so ordinary. It has two benefits that are far from common. Firstly, it is indestructible, which means that it remains on the board even after the winning line explodes. It can help you to Avalanche wins in several rounds in a row. Secondly, and even better in our opinion, it can also substitute for the Scatter symbol. This is rarely seen, as Scatters are usually immune to the Wild symbol. But not here, just two Scatters and one Wild and it's off to Free Falls.

You may already know the Scatter-triggered Free Falls feature from the original Gonzo. There are 9 free spins and each additional Scatter and Wild symbol adds 3 additional free spins.

During the Free Falls feature, the multipliers awarded for Avalanche wins on Gonzo's Quest Megaways also change. The very first win is multiplied by three, the second by six, the third by nine, and the fourth and each subsequent win up to x15.

And one more bonus the authors have prepared for you. This is an earthquake feature. This action is randomly generated and if it is triggered the whole screen starts to shake. During an earthquake, all low-value symbols fall off the reels and high-win symbols take their place.

Rating the Gonzo’s Quest Megaways slot machine

Gonzo didn't disappoint this time either and his version of Gonzo's Quest Megaways is a great online ride. If you don't play this online slot on your own, you will miss out on a lot of great gaming experiences. You certainly won't go wrong if you visit an online casino and try out the Gonzo's Quest Megaways online slot. There is also a demo version of the game that doesn't force you to play for real money right away.

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