Firebird Double 27 fruit-themed slot machine with Wild symbol only? And there's plenty of them? Win payouts in both directions.

If enthusiastic amateur ornithologists were delighted after reading the name of the online slot to find yet another bird-themed slot, they may be disappointed once it is launched. Instead of feathered exotics, there is fruit flying on the reels. Firebird Double 27 is, more than anything else, a classic fruit slot, where you will enjoy the representative of the flying empire, but not as much as it might seem at first glance. We assume that it doesn't kill you inside or ruffle your feathers and you won't go and punch the authors in the beak for it...

The Game’s visuals

Synot Games and graphics is a topic for a separate article. We make no secret of the fact that we like the visuals of their games, and we would invite the females they designed for a drink immediately. Firebird Double 27, however, does not stand out graphically. It is a visual average in terms of graphics and sound. Don't hold it against the authors, though. In the traditionally conceived fruit slots, the visuals of the slot machine are really only of interest to true enthusiasts. Otherwise, it goes hard after gameplay and bonus features.

Basic game properties

The gameplay is a different cup of coffee than the perhaps a little embarrassing visuals. The Firebird Double 27 online slot machine is agile and very smooth. It offers 4 reels, 3 rows, and in reality, up to 54 great winning lines. Those who weren't forced to repeat a grade in elementary school will have already correlated the number of lines with the name of the slot. Yes, 27 + 27 is 54. And why do we say that there are actually 54 of those lines? Because the Firebird Double 27 pays wins on 27 ways from both sides. So you don't have to be disappointed with the symbols on the left reel, the right reel can still save you. The reversible payoff is always a strong draw and works perfectly here as well.

Synot Games' online slots are not really the kind of slots that you have to operate with a manual in your hand. The credo of these games could easily be simplicity, speed, and convenience. The controls of the Firebird Double 27 slot machine are at the bottom of the screen and everything you need to operate is done by clicking the mouse. You can choose the total bet amount and then also choose how the reels are spun. You can either spin the reels manually and click the Spin button after each spin or use Autoplay. It will spin the reels for you. You just choose the number of spins that will spin automatically.

When it comes to the controls, it is worth mentioning the other buttons that appear in Firebird Double 27. One will deposit money into your cash box, the other will send you into a card duel in a game of Gamble, where your task is traditionally to guess the color of the card turned over. If you guess it right, your winnings get doubled. If you guess wrong though, the prize goes bye-bye. However, after each successful round, you can deposit half of the amount into the player's account.

Bonus features of the slot machine

It would probably be foolish to expect an exorbitant bonus feature from a double-paying fruit slot. However, we would still like to see a bonus symbol other than the lone bird in the field – the Wild symbol. It is the firebird, the symbol of the whole slot machine, and it works exactly as it is its good habit. That is, in incomplete winning combinations, it can pretend to be a missing symbol and thus make the winning line active. To make sure you don't miss out, three Wild symbols on a winning line will award up to 50x your bet. That's quite a nice compensation for the slightly poorer bonus equipment.

In casinos with “Synot Progressive Bonus” jackpots, players have one more big advantage. There, the Firebird Double 27 slot is also part of the progressive network, which means that with a bit of luck, you can win on any of the four jackpot levels. And wins at such gold or diamond level can be very satisfying.

Firebird Double 27 slot machine review

The Firebird Double 27 is an online slot that at first glance you probably wouldn't expect to be much of a hit. But just spin the reels in an online casino, discover the two-sided payout of winnings and one's lips will immediately shake with joy. You can also play it in the demo version, which is free for an unlimited time. And if the firebird convinces you, invest real money in the game too.

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