Do you also think that three-reel slots have nothing to surprise with? Then try out the Fire Witch online slot machine.

The magic of games with sexy women is undeniable. It would probably be strange if the authors didn’t use their magical power to make these games even more attractive. This time, magic was used by the gentlemen from SYNOT Games and they’re offering us the Fire Witch slot that combines the best magical ingredients into a potion that we’ve been enjoying greatly and it had the power to keep us playing this game for a long time. Magical slot machines surely aren't scarce goods in the casinos’ portfolios, but there sure isn't a surplus of interesting slots with 3 reels.

Game’s visuals

You won’t have any doubts that you’re playing a slot machine from SYNOT since the moment you turn it on. The handwriting of the Czech authors is more than obvious. Nice hand-drawn graphics, detailed finish, and a few interesting bonuses. All of this complemented with quality sound and a pleasant atmosphere. It's hard to believe that under this very nice surface, it's a truly simple online slot. Maybe it’ll surprise you that there's fruit spinning on the reels. The magic priestess deceives us a bit with her body. It's basically a fruit machine. The red-haired witch will also shows up on the screen and every time she flies across your screen, she brings along an interesting reward.

Basic game properties

Have we mentioned that Fire Witch is a three-reel slot machine? Then we’ll add to that the fact that it has three rows and only five winning lines. But a 5-line three-reel machine isn’t that bad. One could speculate about wins in both directions on the reels not being here, but that won’t do us any good. Wins are only valid from the left.

It’s not missing any of the mandatory items, this being the trio of SYNOT functions, Autoplay, Max Bet, and Risk. The Autoplay function will help you if you’re planning to play for a long time. All you have to do is set the number of spins and the slot will take care of the rest. The maximum bet as the name suggests sets the maximum possible sum that you can bet. And the Risk or if you’d rather call it – Gamble will help you double your wins. You just have to guess the color of a card. If you guess it right, your prize gets doubled. If you guess wrong, you lose everything. Luckily, there’s also an option to bet only half of your win.

Bonus elements of the slot machine

If you want to know how such an ordinary slot caught our eye, the answer is – bonuses. There's quite a lot of them for a three-reel slot.

It starts with the Wild symbol with an image of our sexy heroine. As with most other slot machines, the Wild symbol is supposed to replace missing symbols in a potentially winning combination. A nice addition is the fact that if you get 3 wild symbols in one of the winning lines, you get up to 20-times your bet. A very nice spell indeed.

The Fire Respin bonus is even more original. To activate it you need to get the same symbol on at least two of the three reels. Then you get another spin for free. Of course, only the reel without the symbol spins this time. You’ll get a second chance to sit on the edge of your seat for a while to see what you can change it into.

And then there's the Wheel of Fire bonus. It gets launched in case you color all three of the reels with the same symbol. It works the same way as a classical wheel of fortune on which multipliers spin. The lowest one is x2 and the highest is a sweet x10. As soon as the wheel stops spinning, your win will be multiplied with the multiplier that you've just gotten.

Rating the Fire Witch slot

A nice offer, no? The sexy witches know us and the one from the Fire Witch slot had us very quickly. Three-reel slots are often underestimated by players because they don’t expect them to surprise with anything. But you shouldn’t look past Fire Witch. You’ll get heaps of fun, and bonuses that many five-reel slots don't have. Try out the Fire Witch online slot in the online casino. Play it relaxed also for free and you’ll see if the spells and magic fit you.

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