European Roulette Announced Bets by Tom Horn is worth a try. Play this online casino roulette game and you will see that it will surprise and win you over too.

Tom Horn is already an established online casino game developer but if you look at their portfolio, it is dominated by online slots. But that doesn't mean you won't find anything else. If you dig a little deeper into their games, you will find, for example, the European Roulette - Announced Bets reviewed today. And although we've had quite a few table games pass through our hands, this rather unassuming . A hoci nám už rukami prešlo pomerne dosť stolových hier, táto vcelku nenápadná online roulette game intrigued us from the start and we've spent much more time on it than the obligatory one for the sake of this review.

The Game’s visuals

European Roulette Announced Bets offers simple but very purposeful graphics. And we'll admit with no evasions that we liked it. Tom Horn managed to get a rather large roulette wheel, a betting area, chips, racetrack, control console, and even a menu on one screen. Hats off, even more reputable companies have problems with this sometimes. Then you have to click all over the racetrack, which doesn't seem very intuitive. Here everything is at hand, moreover, in quite pleasant graphics.

Basic game properties

The magic of online roulette lies in its simplicity. You choose the chip value and place it on the betting box, depending on what you want to bet on. The betting selection here is wide enough. Both Outside bets and Inside bets offer plenty of opportunities to work your way to the desired winnings. But of course, it will take a bit of luck.

We've already praised the European Roulette Announced Bets table, so let's tell you what it looks like. The roulette wheel is on the left side of the screen, and although Tom Horn have used the whole table, there is still plenty of space underneath to accommodate additional features. But never mind. The interactive part is on the right. First, you choose the value of the chip you want to put into play. Then place it on the playing field according to the bet you are interested in. There is a classic field with numbers and above it, there is also a rather large and clear racetrack.

When you are done and satisfied with your bets, you can click the spin button at the bottom to spin the wheel. The ball will quickly show you if your guess was right. We were intrigued by the Autoplay button next to the spin button. We know this rather from slot machines. However, it works on a similar principle here as there. You select a bet, click on it, and choose the number of spins during which your last bet will be placed. Interesting solution.

However, there is also an important section for players at the top of the European Roulette - Announced Bets screen. There are statistics and settings. The stats very clearly show the last 7 numbers that dropped, but when you click on the corresponding icon, they also give you tips on Hot and Cold numbers, even with a percentage estimate of the chance of that number being spun. It is up to you to decide whether you will orient yourself accordingly. If so, you can bet on individual numbers, or click on the Bet All Cold or Bet All Hot button to place a chip on all the picks from the game at once.

We also recommend going to the settings, where you can customize the game very nicely. For example, by turning on turbo mode or adjusting the sounds.

We don't need to say much about the rules of roulette. The name of the roulette game is enough to suggest what rules are played. So you don't have to look too hard, we'll write it here too, with the European ones.

European Roulette Announced bet review

So what to say about European Roulette Announced Bets in conclusion? That it is surprisingly good in our opinion and we will be happy to recommend it further. It's simple, clear, offers quite a few bet types, and there's no shortage of statistics either. Besides, it looks good and plays even better. You certainly won't go wrong by choosing this game, and we're glad to have the chance to praise Tom Horn again. You can find roulette at the Betsafe online casino, for example, and you can try it for free. You can judge for yourself whether our optimism is exaggerated or not.

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