Apollo God of the Sun by Novomatic is a slot machine with two playing fields and interesting bonuses.

Oh, those Gods... some say they are wonderful, others say they are greedy, vicious, and arrogant..., there are many attributes. And Apollo? Well, like a good son of Dius - his father - he hides both the good and the bad in himself. And in the Apollo God of the Sun online slot, dedicated to him by Novomatic, you'll get to meet him. It won't be easy and it’ll give you some grief but believe us, it will be fun, you won't get bored and you can win some nice amounts.

The Game’s visuals

We loved the fact that although this version of Apollo God of the Sun isn't an over-the-top slot machine, visually it's a bit of a different thing. Colors, stern expressions of the gods, and symbols were not spared, and the music is not quite bland either. Novomatic has prepared a piece that is graphically and musically at a very good level and has no problem immersing the player. For some it fits, for others, it may be a bit too much in combination with the game mechanics. We liked it. We like such games and enjoyed our Apollo's company.

Basic game properties

But let's get to the most important thing, the gameplay itself. This is "a little bit" different than in a regular online slot. And everyone will notice it, just by seeing the game for the first time. There isn’t just one playing field, Novomatic has thrown in two. In the left part of the playing field, there are 5 reels with 4 rows, and on the right, there are also 5 reels but the number of rows has multiplied. There are up to 12 of them. On both sides of the slot, you can win on up to 100 fixed winning lines in total.

Interestingly, the two halves of Apollo God of the Sun are more or less independent of each other. They function completely separately except for a couple of bonuses that tie them together. The basic principle applies to both, i.e. you need to create a winning combination on a winning line. They must start on the reels that are to the far left.

We have nothing much to complain about the gameplay itself, except perhaps the cumbersomeness of the whole slot. It could move faster. One game round lasts too long for our taste.

The controls look a bit evil at first glance, but it's really just a first glance. Take a closer look and you'll see that you can't actually set anything here except the bet amount and the way the reels spin. Setting the bet amount is classic with the plus and minus buttons. If you are happy with your choice, you can move on to the actual spinning of the reels. Traditionally, you have a choice of two ways. Either spin manually, or every single spin, which is fine if you frequently change the bet amount. In Autoplay mode you don't set anything, you turn it on and the reels spin until you turn it off again.

Bonus features of the slot machine

The bonuses in Apollo God of the Sun are interesting and the authors have incorporated them into the gameplay in a very interesting way. Two playing fields gave the authors from Novomatic an interesting variation.

The Wild symbol is a joker, as in thousands of other games It substitutes for missing symbols to form a winning combination on a winning line. However, there is a Wild symbol on the Apollo God of the Sun slot called the Stacked Wild. This means that the Wild symbols on the reels spin in clusters of up to 4 Wilds in a row. That is, 4 Wild symbols in a row on one reel covering all 4 rows. That's fine in itself, but now comes the aforementioned linking of the two halves of the game. This is because if you manage to land a Stacked Wild on all 4 rows of any reel on the left reels, the chained Wild symbols will also be transferred to the equivalent reel on the right. Here, however, they fill all 12 rows of one reel straight.

The Scatter symbol is much more classic and brings freespins. They are awarded if you land at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels. During free spins, the slot will change slightly, getting an interesting purple tint. The number of free spins depends on the number of Scatters on the board. You can get 8, 12, or 20 freespins.

During freespins, the Apollo God of the Sun slot works the same as the base game with a slight advantage. If the Stacked Wild appears on only three rows of one reel during freespins, the slot will itself spin the reel so that all 4 Wild symbols are on the reel, giving you the option to bring them back to the reels on the right.

The popular Gamble is also available to improve your winnings. In it, your role is again the same as elsewhere. You have to correctly guess the color of the overturned card. If successful, the win is doubled, if not you lose the full amount.

Review of the Apollo God of the Sun slot

Our dear Apollo did not let us down in the Apollo God of the Sun slot machine. Although it's not a novelty anymore, it holds its place and plays very well. If it weren't for the slower spinning, we'd give it an A+. An interesting, original concept and nice bonuses are perhaps reason enough to give this slot a try. For example, EnergyCasino online casino has it on offer and you can try it in the demo version for free.

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