Try playing the Gem Rocks online slot machine. The Stone Giants of Yggdrasil have the power to help you take home a hefty payout.

Fancy playing a modern slot machine that gives you all the modern conveniences, looks great, and plays great too? If so, run virtually any Yggdrasil online slot machine. However, if you'd like a more specific tip, we'd like to introduce you to the Gem Rocks online slot. This is exactly how we envision the casino game of the 21st century.

The Game’s visuals

Talking about graphics in Yggdrasil slots is very easy. We don't remember probably any game from them that we didn't like. The authors have the ability to create a fun and great-looking virtual machine, and they have used it to the fullest in the creation of Gem Rocks. For example, just such a detail shows the care the authors have taken with the slot when stones hit the bottom of the screen and their weight causes the dust to swirl. This really isn't some template where you chop symbols with different colors and pass it off as multiple games... Greetings to EGT.

The game screen is dynamic and designed for maximum clarity. Everything is wrapped in very nice visuals that reminded the older ones of us of the movie The Neverending Story and the Stone Eaters who had their irreplaceable role in it. The atmosphere is accentuated by the sounds, especially the epic music and the hard impacts of the several-ton giants on the playing field.

Basic game properties

Gem Rocks is one of the slot machines that use a falling symbol system instead of the classic spinning reels. The nice thing is that they also took it from the competition with all its good features. This also means, for example, that when a win is achieved, the winning stones disappear and are replaced by the stones above them. You actually get a free respin.

The game screen consists of up to 6 columns and 4 rows. Wins are not achieved by using the exact winning lines, but by using 4096 different ways to place the stones.

Gem Rocks slot machine controls are traditional. Important controls are located on the bottom edge of the slot machine. You choose the bet amount by specifying the coin value, which seems to us to be an unnecessary complication instead of setting a direct bet amount. Then just press the spin button and the game begins. However, to avoid having to repeat this for every spin, you have the option to trigger the Autoplay function. The latter, unlike Red Tiger games, doesn't offer more detailed settings options but allows you to set the number of spins the machine will spin for you. The Max Bet button is also worth mentioning. As its name suggests, pressing it will make you spin with the maximum possible bet.

Bonus features of the slot machine

Let's go to the bonuses. These are controversial in the case of the Gem Rocks online slot, or rather there are none. Thus, there are no classic ones such as the Wild or Scatter. But that bonus standard is humorously replaced here in other ways. We've already talked about free respins. The Gem Rock feature, which gave the slot its name, is linked to them and the prizes. What is it?

On the left side of the screen is a trio of stone giants that can be revived with prizes. If you revive such a giant, it will land on the game reels, turn into a mega-tile and replace the symbols that were there before. The joke is that these giants come in different sizes.

You can revive the smallest one with two consecutive wins. This means that you only need one winning respin to land a 2x2 stone giant on the board. It's a bit better if you manage to win 5 in a row. That's when the 3x3 symbols giant comes into the picture. And it's absolutely great if you follow it up with 9 wins. That's when a 4x4 giant crashes onto the playing field and it can make quite a winning mess.

Gem Rocks Slot Machine Review

Despite the lack of classic bonuses, the Gem Rocks online slot machine won us over very quickly and easily made it into our imaginary ranking of the best games in Slovak casinos. It has everything a good slot machine should have. It's fun to use, looks good, and offers features that can deliver interesting wins. If you want to play it, you can do so at an online casino. In case you want to get to know it better first, take the opportunity to play it for a free trial.

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