What to do if you haven't won for a long time

If it doesn't work, it doesn't work... sings a well-known song. And it's a truth that holds true in casinos too. Sometimes, wins fall completely unbelievably and other times you don't and don't get even a Euro out of the damn machine. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, the prize is not coming. If such a series lasts for a long time, it often happens that the player literally becomes paralyzed and starts doing illogical things.

Well, it is the deviation from the norm, from your routine and habits that are the most common reason for a player to lose even more than if he had stayed in his normal state of mind. This situation is not in anyone's interest, not in the player's interest and you will be surprised, but not in the casino's interest either. The casino is all about having fun and that means winning. When that doesn't happen, players get frustrated, and that's not a good situation for anyone. That is why casinos try to help in every way possible. For example, UNIBET online casino also offers several bonuses to at least partially lift your spirits, but more about them later.

We offer you some of our tips on how to break the negative streak and get some nice wins again.

A different point of view

Always ask yourself a simple question at the beginning. Have you had a long-term streak of bad luck? Didn't you just have a better streak for a while and now things are back to normal? Get sharper whenever you think you're not winning enough. Normally, you don't win in every spin. You need to keep your demands in check and always look at your current state with sober eyes. Don't have megalomaniac tendencies. You'd better keep your head down. Feel free to start your player log. It will always tell you if you are just flying too high in the clouds.

Do not play with violence

We've written it above, gaming is supposed to be fun. This means that it should in no way provoke negative sentiments. However, many players want to break their bad streak as quickly as possible and therefore play more often than would be normal for them. Ultimately, however, this may again lead to unnecessary losses. It's much better to take your time, indulge in other activities, and then, after a few days, have fun in the casino. A clear head thinks differently, more rationally. Play when you feel like it, not when you are tempted to play by lust or your concerned ego.

Try one of the game strategies

Some people don't believe in them, some people won’t let them go. Game strategies have been around since the dawn of time. And even if you don't have a lot of faith in them, the right one can help in times of crisis. They are based on statistics, which are, in most cases, right. Just choose one that really fits you and that doesn't take unnecessary risks. There are many strategies and you can easily get lost in them. Before you start playing with one, do some research, for example in our articles. But keep in mind, no strategy is a guarantee of winning. It's just a style of play backed up by stats.

Try another slot machine or another game

The online casino offers hundreds of slots and dozens of exciting casino games. It would be a great pity if you tried your luck in just one online slot machine. Even if he is the best in the world for you. Sometimes it's good to "change the air". If you can't do it with spinning reels, try blackjack, or roulette, for example. These are games where time passes more slowly and you have plenty of time to make every move. You will calm down and experience different feelings than in the fast-paced and stressful world of online slots. But even in slots, there is a lot to choose from, isn't it on the classics? Try alternative slots, they tend to be more fun than the regular ones.

Set a limit

The basic thing. Always play with a financial and time limit. Whether they are doing well or not. Because if your worse streak stretches out and you tend to stop it, it can cost you a lot of money unnecessarily. If you are tempted to break your luck as quickly as possible, set a reasonable budget for your casino play and if you exceed it on any given day, quit and don't play any further. Because the negative streak will indeed come to an end one day, even if it doesn't seem like it to you. Most of the time, however, it is completely unrelated to you, and if you plan and play sparingly and wisely, the crisis will cost you practically nothing.

Take advantage of casino bonus offers

We have already hinted at this in the introduction. Casinos don't want players to just lose in them. On the contrary, wins are the spice of any gaming experience and they know it well. Casinos take care of their players and don't leave them to their fate even when the going gets tough. Just take a look at the bonuses the casino offers. There you will find financial rewards, free spins, but also cashback. Each of these bonuses will help a lot when the happiness gets tired and the negative mood takes over. So don't forget to visit the bonus section once in a while, there is always something there that can be used, and that makes the difficult moments easier. Don't give in!

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