How to make the best of your time while playing?

Casino games are a very popular way of relaxation, and this has been true for centuries. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer spending your time with slot machines, thinking during a tactical poker match or simply like watching the roulette ball jump between red and black. Each of these activities has something magical to offer.

Casinos offer a unique form of relaxation and an excellent opportunity to win some really nice prizes. However, this only holds if you manage to play responsibly. Responsible play means that you approach gambling with good judgment, you play exclusively for your own entertainment, and are aware of the possible consequences.

However, it’s well known that entertainment may turn into uncontrolled play - not only in casinos. Pathological players can suffer from similar psychological conditions as for instance people addicted to sweets, phones, alcohol or drugs. The task of each responsible player is to know how to prevent such conditions. Our tips for playing online games responsibly:

1. Only play in trusted and licensed casinos

Choose only casinos with a valid license. That way you’ll know that the games are “fair”, your wins will be sent to your account, and you can enjoy your entertainment without unnecessary worries. Don’t risk by playing on dubious sites, it might have dire consequences.

Free spins or the possibility of getting bonus credits? These are also available in trustworthy casinos! Keep track of special offers and bonuses for your favorite games and make sure that you don’t miss any new release. Make full use of generous bonuses for newly registered as well as loyal players. This helps you save your own finances while minimizing the risk of your financial loss. Basically, make use of all the tools at your disposal. It’s worth it.

2. Learn the rules of casino games

Some games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, require good knowledge of the rules. But don’t let that dissuade you, you can have a ton of fun with tactical games too and can also very quickly expand your gaming experience.

3. Try stuff out for free, read game reviews

Reviews are a great tool for choosing the right game to play. Of course, just because a game clicks with someone doesn't mean it’ll also be right for you. But it’s never a bad idea to at least read through the opinions of other players and find out about the game's RTP, volatility, bonus functions and special symbols. Most online games are also available for free and so you can try them out before you start spending real money. Indeed, the free versions of online slots offer you the opportunity of trying out various games themes and become familiar with new releases before going head-on into spending real money.

4. Set limits

Already as children, we learned that unpleasant feeling when we desperately wanted to finish that great shooter (or game in general) but the finger of our mom clearly indicated that we’ve been sitting at the computer for too long.

If we could recommend one valuable lesson to take to the casino from your childhood, it should be this one. Set time limits (per day, week or month) which clearly mark boundaries for your play. These are there to ensure your gameplay does not come at the expense of the time you should spend with your family, friends or at work.

Financial limits should be approached in a similar fashion. If you happen to lose your pre-designated amount, stop your gameplay session. And under no circumstances should you touch your family budget.

Many online casinos also offer the possibility of setting limits on your deposits. Limits are available and represent a simple principle that is available in all high-quality casinos - the system simply won’t let you exceed the sum you selected.

5. Don’t try to immediately win back what you lost

The previous point is closely related to this advice: if you lose, don’t try to immediately win back what you lost. Remember that you can't turn luck around by force. If today was not your day, it doesn't mean that you can’t win tomorrow or in a few days’ time. Take a break and continue later. Don’t play when under the influence of emotions - neither negative nor positive.

6. Only play when you're relaxed and focused

To best enjoy casino games, we recommend being relaxed and focused. Avoid playing at night or even until sunrise - or, if you do enjoy that kind of thing, at least make sure you get enough sleep during the day. If you don’t take time to rest, your gaming decisions will be affected by your fatigue and a single bad decision could cost you a huge win. This might also lead to skimping on your duties during the day, which certainly does not help with relaxed gameplay either.

7. Never play when under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances

Under no circumstances should you play when under the influence of any addictive substance. Playing when drunk might sound like fun, but your wallet will disagree. Alcohol leads to less thought-out decisions, which in turn might lead to problematic situations. Keep your actions under control - that’s the only way to be sure you’ll react appropriate when the time arises.

8. Take regular breaks

Combine gameplay with other activities that you enjoy. Do you like biking, playing basketball, reading, or any other similar activity? Interleave and mix your hobbies in order to create a rich and varied program. Even pleasant activities will tire your brain over time, meaning that you’ll become less focused. Spend time doing what you like and you’ll see that playing will also become even more pleasant.

9. Have a plan for the case that you win

Winning is great, but can also surprise players who haven’t planned for it. Prepare a plan which will make it easier to decide what to do if you win. You can do so right now, with a calm mind. Once you do manage to win big, it might be too late - and trust us when we say that at that point you won’t know what to do first. So make a plan now for what to do with your prize money, and make it easier for the future if a big win really does come your way. You’ll thank yourself later.

And if you start feeling like your gameplay is getting a little out of hand, do a simple gambling addiction test. That should make sure that gaming always remains just a pleasant form of entertainment.

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