The ten commandments of online players

Online casinos offer endless possibilities of fun, relaxation, chilling and taking your mind off things. However, a proper game isn’t that simple. Every player should know the ten commandments that will help you with a responsible and safe game in an online casino.

1. Only play in legal casinos

The first step to a safe and responsible game is the selection of the casino. Rule number one talks about the fact that casinos without a license should be avoided. The reason is simple – in illegal casinos, you have no guarantee of a payout of winnings and you can easily lose your deposits.

2. Watch out for news and promotions

Bonuses for new players, special offers for selected games or rewards for loyalty,... You can encounter all of this in an online casino. Watch out for news and promotions of your selected casino and make sure that you don't miss any special offer or bonus reward.

3. Never violate your time limits

You need to dedicate time for playing online games which do not interfere with your day-to-day responsibilities. A gameplay time-schedule is individual for every player and mainly depends on their gaming style. The playtime cannot interfere with time dedicated to work, family, education or hobbies.

Okay, so you have a plan already. It is also important to restrict it somehow. Time limits may be monthly, weekly or daily – it depends on whether you’re a regular or occasional player. Do not violate your limit under any circumstances. If you happen to reach the end of it sooner, stop playing for the given period.

4. Never violate your financial limits

A budget that you will determine for your playing should never contain money intended for the paying of bills, living costs, clothing or food. Just like with the time-plan, the financial plan also differs between every player, playing strategy and financial status.

A financial plan for playing games also has to have its limits. If you’re having trouble following it, set a limit right in the casino. You can increase or lower these limits at any time. Should you, however, decide to increase it, in the spirit of safe and responsible playing, you should do so on the seventh calendar day.

5. Learn the rules and game procedures

Before starting a game for real money, you have two options – either you’ll select a random game about which you haven’t got a clue, you put on your magic charm and start playing. Or you will properly study the rules, read the reviews and based on all of your experience and newly acquired knowledge, you will select a game that will best suit you. And try to guess which alternative we’ll recommend.

Before selecting a game, it is important to know what you’re getting into and what you can expect. Don’t give even the slightest chance to small beginner mistakes and try to absolutely maximize your success.

6. Try playing the games for free first

The best way to get into the game is to see for real, how the winning symbols and specific game systems work. Look if it's possible to play the game in a free mode so that you won’t be losing your financial budget while trying.

7. Don’t play if you’re not mentally relaxed

The base of every full-fledged game is mental relaxation. If you’re nervous, angry or irritated, do not start the game in any case. Playing is not a way to solve problems, but a way to relax, chill and practice your tactical and strategical skills.

A big enemy of all casino games is fatigue which causes a lack of concentration. Tired players are unconcentrated and irritated and they very easily make mistakes. Before playing, you should “chill out” and enjoy the most fun that online casinos offer.

8. Don’t forget to think about yourself when playing

Stop the game. Okay, tell yourself honestly when was the last time you ate or slept? If you shockingly start thinking or look at your watch all scared that “you only wanted to play for 5 minutes and now you spent the entire day at it”, then you need to change your approach to playing. It is very important that you think about yourself – regular eating, enough sleep and breaks between playing should be a matter of course.

Breaks will help you with concentration. It is proven that even a short break can improve your concentration by up to 40%. During your break, you can do, for example, a physical activity that will get your blood flowing and help your brain work or at least go out on a simple walk.

9. Don't try to get lost money back

Every player is hoping in the corner of his soul that he’ll manage to win a nice jackpot. Such a nice win would surely not be a bad thing, right? But you have to realize that some days are less lucky and it can also happen that you will be falling asleep that night without any substantial win on your gaming account.

In such a case a very basic rule applies – do not panic and don't try to win your lost money back. Take a break, get a good night’s sleep and try to eliminate mistakes during the next day. Think about the fact that the game should give you joy and make you happy also if you don’t get the jackpot.

10. Make a plan about what to do with the money if you win

A huge jackpot opens an entirely new world. And are you sure that you know how to move in this world? If you’re only skeptically turning your head right now thinking that you’re only an occasional player and that this surely can’t happen to you, you are greatly mistaken. Every player has a chance of winning regardless if he plays every day or only once in a while.

Stories of quick millionaires clearly show that winning is sometimes just a series of coincidences and a big dose of luck. Therefore, always be ready for the good news. Prepare a plan, which will contain all the steps in case of a large jackpot.

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