Is it more advantageous to play 3 or 5-reel slots?

In an online casino, you will find various different types of slots. They differ with themes, graphics, minimum and maximum bets, but also the number of reels. And it is the number of reels that for many players often is the main criteria when selecting.

You can play slots with various number of reels, usually 3 to 6. Some online casinos also offer alternative slot machines that differ with their playing scheme and aren't built on the classic reel principle. The winning symbols crumble, explode or disappear from left to right.

Although 4-reel or 6-reel slot machines are an interesting alternative, most often you’ll meet 3-reel and 5-reel slots. Let's take a closer look at the individual types of games, their advantages and disadvantages.

5-reel slot machines

5-reel slot machines are games in which the symbols spin on 5 reels. Most commonly, these are modern versions of slot machine games. The advantages of 5-reel slots:

1. A higher number of winning lines

The winning lines of a slot machine determine how winning combinations of symbols are created. Their number may be fixed (for example, the 10 winning lines that you’ll find in the Book of Secrets) or customizable – you’ll choose yourself with how many winning lines you’d like to play (for example, from 1 to 9 winning lines that you’ll find in the game Dizzy Hot). Slot machines with 5 reels usually have a higher number of winning lines.

2. More bonus functions and symbols

More reels on the playing field need a higher number of symbols. The developers are, therefore, trying to add more additional symbols and bonus rounds into their games. You’ll often meet with the Scatter and Wild symbols that can properly multiply your win.

Some 5-reel games also offer special symbols that are linked to the specific theme of the slot. For example, in the slot machine Dragons of Fortune, you’ll find the bonus symbols of dragons. If you spin a minimum of 3 on the reels, they will bring you free spins and multiply your prize several times.

The most popular 5-reel slot machines

Among the most popular slot machines with 5 reels are, for example, Book of Secrets, Gem-O-Rama, Gold Factory, Hell Mania or Lucky Elements. All of these games and many other fun 5-reel slots can be found in online casinos.

3-reel slot machines

3-reel slot machines were the kings of casinos not only in the distant past. The winning symbols spin on 3 reels thanks to which you’ll enjoy a simple and fun game. Today, many developers of online games prefer only slot machines with 5 reels but there are definitively enough new 3-reel slot machines to not be bored. The advantages of 3-reel slots:

1. A simpler and faster game

Slot machines with 3 reels are the simpler version of online slots that you can find in an online casino. They’re ideal for beginning players that prefer classic slots without bonus elements. For example, in the game Fruit Machine 27, you’ll only find one bonus function, which is a Joker.

A simpler game system has its benefits. Players that aren’t familiar with slot machines can easily get into the game. 3-reel slot machines also please those that are looking for faster and smoother gameplay.

2. They positively affect the player budget

Fewer reels also mean a lower number of winning lines. If you decide to bet the maximum number of lines, you’ll be betting one bet less than with a slot with more lines. This method of playing is more gentle with your player budget.

The most popular 3-reel slot machines

Among the most popular 3-reel slot machines are, for example, Hell Bars, Respin Joker, Double Hot or Blazing Ice. And you can enjoy these games to the fullest in an online casino.

Which slot machines are worth it to play?

Every player has their own personal playing style and prefers different types of slot machines. Slot machines with a lower number of reels, but also with a higher number of reels, have their benefits, which is why you should choose on the basis of your expectations.

If you’re looking for a fast and smooth game without unnecessary delays or if you’re just starting out with playing, you can choose a 3-reel slot machine. If you’re a fan of more complex games and you’ll be excited with a wide offer of bonus symbols and minigames, go for the 5-reel slot machines. In both cases, bear in mind that a responsible and safe game is the only way to long-term fun.

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