What types of jackpots do we know?

Jackpot - a word that gets the attention of almost every player. In casinos, you can run into different expressions and types of jackpots - progressive, local, or shared. Do you know their meaning?

Especially for slot machines (but not only for them) you often meet the concept of progressive jackpots. What does this expression mean? Progressive jackpots are a very popular and sought-after addition to slot games. It is created gradually from all player bets. It works by moving a small percentage of the deposit to the jackpot amount from each turn and it grows and grows. Especially in online casinos, this amount is growing on the display with practically every blink of your eyes. Because the game you're playing is also played by a number of other players on the Internet. And all those who play it automatically raise this jackpot until happiness smiles at one of them. The great news is that the jackpot can be won by each of them. It's purely about chance and all you have to do is play the slot machines that offer it.

Another important difference is whether it is a local or shared jackpot. The local jackpot can only be played within one game, one slot machine, one gaming site, or one casino. On the contrary, the shared jackpot is common - either for multiple games or even for multiple casinos.

Progressive jackpots in EGT slot machines

Do you want to try to play interesting slots where you will also be able to play for jackpots? We have a great tip for you. With games manufactured by EGT, you can play for jackpots every day. Just be a registered player at an online casino, choose one of the EGT online slot machines, and spin the reels. All players who play these games are automatically involved in the game for 4 progressive jackpots. The amount of your bet is not important, as even the spin with the lowest possible bet can bring you a win.

Jackpot Cards Bonus Game

The four jackpots are divided into levels, each of which is shown as one of the card symbols (hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds). While playing EGT slot machines, you can see all four of these levels at the top of the screen, even with their current value. You can get a chance to play for one of them randomly. At any time after the reels stop, you can see huge Jackpot Cards on the playing field. And when you do, you can clap. You will move to a bonus game where you will play one of the jackpots wins. In the Bonus game, you have 12 cards to choose from and gradually select one by one until three cards with the same symbol are turned around. This will give you a win that is equal to a given symbol.

Will you try breaking the bank?

If you like to have fun at slot games and want to get something extra in addition to the traditional wins, we certainly recommend you try to play the jackpots in EGT slot machines. You can do so by spinning the reels on popular games such as 100 Burning Hot or Secrets of Alchemy. We wish you fun and good luck in the game.

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