Casino games are largely based on chance and players are never 100% able to affect the outcome. This partial dependency on luck makes casinos so exciting and it can also be quite dangerous.

Every one of us comes across less-lucky days. Sometimes, however, it's not the fault of the universe, the stars, the air humidity nor the date of birth nor hair color. Often we subconsciously sabotage the game ourselves.

Read about the most common beginner mistakes and also those that experienced players make. Maybe you’ll find out that luck is always smiling at you and you just don’t give it a chance.

Mistake no. 1: You’re playing in an illegal casino

A frequent mistake is the selection of an incorrect casino. Many pages on the internet that offer interesting games and enticing bonuses. Before playing for real money, always make sure that the casino you have selected has a valid license. These casinos may be found in our list of casinos.

Do not, in any case, give your credit card details to an unverified casino. Not only can you lose your deposits, bonuses and winnings but you can also lose your savings from your account.

Mistake no. 2: You’re not selecting the correct game-type

You can find a wide selection of traditional and also alternative games in online casinos. For example, you can play fruit machines, classic blackjack, roulette and also scratch cards. The selection of the correct game is, therefore, not a simple task and it can quickly happen that you find one which won’t fit you very well.

When playing the wrong type of game, careless mistakes happen that may affect the game’s outcome. But how to avoid this problem? Read the reviews before playing the game, check out the video-guides and make sure that you understand all of its rules.

Another way to find the ideal game is to try the games out for free. Thanks to free versions, you can look directly into the game without having to spend money.

Mistake no. 3: You overestimate your skills

Sure, everyone wants to be a master right from the bat. And not many people will admit that they aren’t one just yet. In case of games for real money, you have to realize that if you’re going to get into games that you don’t have enough information about, you’re only hurting yourselves.

If you decide to play a game that you’re not entirely sure about, don’t immediately place the maximum bets. Start with lower bets, and with a lower number of winning lines.

Mistake no. 4: You’re playing because you want to win back what you lost

Many players think that the best way to get back lost money is to continue playing. Unfortunately, a slot machine, poker or roulette aren't a person and can’t tell you when it's time to quit. Aside from that, after losing, a player’s feelings and perception change. We stop enjoying the game and nervousness and lack of concentration step in.

These negative feelings can affect the game’s outcome a lot. It can very quickly happen that you stop concentrating on the game and start making mistakes and overstepping your time and financial limits.

Mistake no. 5: The five-minute risk

“5 more minutes...” Raise your hand, everyone, who had “a few more minutes” turned into entire hours. During every fun activity, time starts going by faster and we move everyday activities, such as sleep or food, to second place.

And why is it important to have breaks between playing? During an uninterrupted game, we easily encounter hunger, fatigue, and lassitude. After that, we get headaches, nervousness, and a bad mood. And that most certainly doesn’t help your gameplay.

If you have a problem with forgetting the time, create a gaming time schedule that won’t interfere with the time reserved for work, education, sports or the family. Take at least short breaks between individual games that will help you regain your lost energy and get into a good mood.

Don’t forget what online playing is about

And the last but not least important tip – always bear in mind what playing in an online casino actually is about. Fun, rest, relaxation,... The wins are just a nice additional bonus. Enjoy playing to the fullest every day, it doesn’t matter if it’s more lucky or less.

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