Types of welcome bonuses for new casino players

Sign-up bonuses are provided by European online casinos for new players who complete the registration process. These are the bonuses that promoted the most by casinos because they try to attract as many new players as possible. So what kind of rewards can you get when you register with an online casino?

There are several variants of these bonuses, each casino focuses on something else, while some companies change these "gifts" for new clients from time to time. In this article, we will look at what specific bonuses you can receive after registration. However, it should be borne in mind that these bonuses are among the special offers of casinos, and therefore, for each of them the exact terms and conditions of how you can obtain them are given.

Deposit bonus / bonus for registration

Get money just for registering? Yes, you can also see this kind of bonus in the casino world. However, it occurs very rarely and the amount you can obtain in this way is not high. It ranges mostly from € 5 to 10. If you come across such a bonus, don’t hesitate to use it. Such an offer is not so often seen.

First deposit bonus

This type of sign-up bonus is among those that occur most often. It is clear from the name that the amount of the bonus will depend on your initial deposit to your player account. Casinos usually offer up to a 100% initial deposit bonus up to a set maximum amount. (for example, 100% bonus up to € 1,000). Alternatively, they may have graded different bonus levels according to the amount of the deposit, with different terms and conditions for each level. For this type of bonus, the casino also mentions other important conditions for obtaining it, such as the amount of the minimum deposit, how many times the bonus value needs to be re-spun/re-bet, or how long you have to earn it.

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A bonus package for several initial deposits

Some casinos offer benefits to their new clients, not only on their first deposit to their player account. How does it work in practice? In layman’s terms, a player can get several bonuses up to a certain amount of their deposits. Online casinos make this option available mostly to the initial three, four, or even five deposits, and some companies have it refined in such a way that in addition to the cash rewards they also add free spins.

How does it work in practice? Let's look at an example. Join the casino that offers you the possibility of using such a bonus. For the first deposit, for example, you get a 100% bonus up to € 100 + 50 free spins. For the second deposit, you will receive a 50% bonus up to € 300, with the third deposit of 25% bonus up to € 100, and another 100 free spins. All summed up, you can get a bonus of up to 500 € + 150 free spins on this offer.

Free spins / Risk-free spins

Free spins are always a popular bonus for casino players and they like to be offered by casinos themselves, not only to new clients but also to existing ones. However, there aren’t free spins, as free spins. You can often meet free spins and risk-free spins. What's their difference?

Often these expressions are used by casinos interchangeably for the same bonus. The word 'risk-free' is often used in countries where the term 'free' for gambling is prohibited. But there may be a slight difference.

Free spins mean that the casino gives its players the option to spin the slot machines completely free of charge. If you win, the money will either be credited directly to your player account or labeled as bonus money. Before withdrawing bonus money, you will have to meet other conditions, mostly another spin of the winnings.

Risk-free spins often indicate a spin of a slot machine at a certain amount, which may be deducted from your funds from your player account, but after the last spin from this action, this amount will be credited to your player account.

Money-back (cashback)

You can also find the so-called cashback - money back as part of the sign-up bonuses. Although casinos like to use this type of bonus mainly for existing players. What's the cashback? The casino will return a certain percentage of your bets that you made over a certain period. For example, every day for the first week of registration, 2% of your bets will be refunded up to € 200 a day. Of course, even in this case, it is important to look at the complete conditions of this offer. Often, some types of games are excluded from this action (for example, blackjack).

Take advantage of all types of casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are really diverse, you only need to explore them and then just choose the one that spoke to you the most. However, do not forget that every bonus offered always has terms and conditions as to how you can use it, and therefore, we recommend to read the terms. In case you don't understand something, just contact the customer support of the casino that offers the bonus.

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