Players vs. bonuses: What to keep in mind?

Casino games form an infinite well of entertainment and a great opportunity to win some really enticing sums of money. An increasing number of players is moving to the online world, and online gambling also captivates those who have had no prior experience with gambling.

So it should come as no surprise that online casinos are becoming more and more sophisticated. They offer a wide range of high-quality games that will satisfy the needs of every potential customer. An additional bonus is the generous casino bonuses, which are usually lacking in brick-and-mortar gambling establishments.

How bonuses work in online casinos

The word “bonus” in the gambling world means “something extra”. Casinos don’t need to provide these, but they willingly do so to reward and please their players. Casino bonuses are based on a simple principle – meet the specified prerequisites, and you’ll be rewarded with a bonus. The conditions differ depending on the casino and the game itself. It could be a registration bonus or depend on the volume of your bet, the depositing of a certain amount on your gambling account, and so forth.

The value of the bonus also depends on the casino. All the essentials required to obtain a given bonus need to be listed in the conditions for that bonus / event. If you’re not interested in a certain bonus, no matter. There’s nothing forcing you to take part. But you might be missing out on the opportunity to get some nice rewards.

Most frequent types of casino bonuses

  • Welcome/registration bonus – an entry bonus for new players. Usually it is calculated as a % from the first deposit.
  • Free spins (no-risk spins) – free spins that you can get if you meet certain conditions. These bonuses are banned in some countries.
  • Mobile bonus – a special welcome bonus for players who use mobile devices or apps.
  • Free games – online games which are only intended for fun and discovering how the games work.
  • Loyalty bonus – a bonus for playing a certain number of points or a bonus from the 1st deposit in the given week or month.
  • Loyalty cashback bonus – a bonus based on a percentage from, e.g., the overall sum of bets or losses in a specified period.
  • Friend bonus – a bonus for recommending the casino to your friends, who then register.

What to watch out for when choosing a bonus?

1. Welcome bonus and its value

The welcome bonus is one of the most attractive bonuses for new players. You’ll get it during your first registration at your selected online casino, and is calculated as a percentage from your first deposit. Usually it requires a certain action that you, as the player, must perform. For instance, you might need to deposit a certain amount to your account, or spin the reels a certain number of times.

The value of the welcome bonus differs from casino to casino and is determined by the casino itself. Ideally, the bonus amount is worth 100%, but you’ll often also find 50 or 20% bonuses.

2. Conditions of use and validity period

The conditions of use and validity period are just as important as the value of the welcome bonus. The former generally represents the amount of betting you need to do in order to get the bonus. Usually, the welcome bonus is linked to such conditions. The player deposits some money on their account, places bets of a certain volume, and gets a bonus.

The validity period is the period during which the player must meet the conditions. In some cases, you only have a few days, which is far from optimal. Ideally, you'd want at least two weeks.

3. Free spins and how to use them

Free spins are well known among online players. They differ from free games by the simple fact that you actually get to keep your wins, and the player will only get them after meeting certain conditions. Many casinos use these as a form of welcome bonus.

Of course, free spins are often part of the games themselves: for instance, if you manage to get the right combination of winning symbols on a slot machine, you automatically get a certain number of free spins. In this case, they need to be used immediately. In the case of free spins provided as a casino bonus, the conditions for receiving them are determined by the casino.

4. Experiment and try things in free games

Many online sites offer the possibility of trying various games for free. This excellent opportunity allows all players to try out individual games, their winning functions, bonus rounds and symbols, so that you can avoid the frequent mistakes made by new players when playing for real money.

However, one needs to keep in mind that free games don’t allow you to win real money. But the fact that they don’t cost you anything means that you can experiment and try out as much as you want, completely free of charge.

No special conditions need to be met to enjoy such free games. Often, you don’t need to register. Just choose a game and start playing. While the games don’t offer any financial prizes, once you know how it works you can easily go to an online casino and start playing with real money.

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