Is it worth buying freespins on slot machines?

Time is fast. Who would want to wait today? No one. We don't wait when we don't have to. Patience is not a common virtue. Not even in slot games. All the “Insta” stuff from the real world has been brought into online casinos too. Bonuses? We want them now. Prizes Payout immediately! Freespins? Great, but who would wait until the Scatter symbol has spun three times?

Few slower slots today can impress. On the contrary, those that are fast have an advantage. Turbo mode is a much-used feature. It is no wonder that the developers reflect this and adapt the game to the players' requirements. And the changes also affect the Freespins themselves. Do you want them and don't want to wait? Buy them. The price may be high, but the final prize may be even higher. Feel like taking a risk? Go ahead.

There are a number of companies that have come up with this concept, but if we look more closely, two companies - Pragmatic Play and Kalamba - are probably the ones taking the most advantage of the freespins purchase option.

It should be said that games from both providers do not force you to buy freespins into bonus games. You always have the traditional option of fighting your way into the free game using Scatter symbols or any other method that activates free spins. Nor did we ever get the feeling that the game was somehow deliberately blocking that option. It's always been fair.

However, we all know that sometimes things just don't work out and no matter what we do, we can't and won't get into freespins. Trust us, we know what we're talking about. And that's when it's a good opportunity to (legally) bend the rules a bit, put money on the table, and try your luck to see if you can't spin even more.

Hyper Bonus on Kalamba Slots

In Kalamba games, this option is called Hyper Bonus. This allows you to buy freespins for an amount based on the bet amount. In Kalamba's online slots, the Hyper Bonus feature is linked to the Hyper Bet feature so you can choose from several variations of freespins and win multiplier values. For example, the Blazing Bull online slot machine offers such an option.

Buying freespins in Pragmatic Play games

With Pragmatic Play, it's a little easier. Here you just click on the button usually located in the top right corner, and it's on. The price for entering the bonus is fixed in each slot. This is usually 100 times the currently selected bet. You can use it in games like Sweet Bonanza or The Dog House Megaways.

To buy or not to buy?

So what is our experience? Well, all sorts of things. We don't resist buying freespins, not at all. When this special feature is available, we have no moral restraint to make full use of it. Only a few times so far we have managed to get more in winnings than we have invested in freespins. But maybe we were just unlucky and others are doing better.

Anyway, we think that this bonus or the possibility of buying “freespins” in online slots has its place. Anyone who wants to can use this alternative at any time. And if someone doesn't want to, they don't have to. You won't lose anything, you can get into free spins the usual way. It's up to you how you use your game credit.

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