Immediate reactions to a big win

Certainly, you (as an online gambling enthusiast) too have dreamed of the moment when you succeed in stopping the reels of a slot machine at the right time, or correctly guess the winning number in roulette. Some need to play a few games before lady luck smiles on them, while others might win right during their first game. But one thing is indisputable – it may also happen to you.

We already mentioned here that it’s important to have a pre-prepared plan for what to do with a big win – in case lady luck smiles on you one day. Long-term plans for using a big win are necessary, but it's also important to know how to react at the very moment.

How big is a “big win”?

First, let’s be a bit more specific about what we mean here. A “fairytale win” means something different for each player. It doesn’t matter if these are hundreds or thousands, in general it holds that a big win is one that will make you go “Wow!”.

The size of your win also depends on how high your bets are. In other words, the higher your bets, the higher your expectations and possible wins. However, maximum bets naturally come with risk. They might make you spend all the money on your gambling account faster than you planned.

Some players find it difficult to control their financial deposits. Many online casinos try to combat pathological gambling, and that is why they offer the possibility of setting financial limits directly on your gambling account.

What should your immediate reaction be?

If you’re using automatic respins, turn them off

Most online casino games today offer automatic respins. This nice function will make it less tedious to play, since you don’t need to manually click each time the slot machine’s reels should spin. This in turn results in much faster gameplay. If you are using automatic respins and a breath-taking sum lands on your account, turn the respin function off for a while.

The reason is simple – getting a large win is often accompanied by a certain shock or surprise. This could paralyze you, as the lucky winner, even for a few minutes, and the game might then continue in that time. In practice what could then happen is that you surprisingly watch the screen and can’t believe your eyes, while your win is slowly getting smaller and smaller due to the continuously spinning reels.

Stop the game and take a break

A number of questions will immediately pop up after winning. Will you continue playing or stop? Well, you don’t need to decide right then and there. Take a short break.

Perhaps it’s really your lucky day and the first big win is just the beginning. However, also keep in mind that you might not get the same lucky stroke again. If you decide to continue, we recommend only playing with a part of the money. You can directly collect the rest from your gambling account. If you're not sure whether you want to stop or continue, ask someone close to you.

Stopping the game after getting a great win is completely safe. Of course, all of this only holds if you play in online casinos with a valid license. That’s the only way to be sure that your wins will indeed be paid out.

Enjoy your success to the fullest

Don’t be afraid to express your happiness. Make the best use of the money you won. It’s only up to you whether you decide to invest, buy something you've wanted for a long time, or share the win with your family. In any case, we recommend handling the money in a reasonable and responsibly way. That’s the only way to enjoy your win to the fullest.

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