How to win the lottery and not lose your mind

Winning the Eurojackpot or Euromillions lottery is without debate a great thing. Each one of us dreams of winning the jackpot, buying everything we ever wanted without otherwise all that crazy money wouldn’t change us at all. Don’t fool yourselves. Winning a crazy load of cash may be pleasant but not easy. May have failed and ended up very badly.

It may be great to slam your two-weeks notice on the table, buy a giant house with a pool, a fast car, travel the world and give out money to your family. But after a few years, it may happen that you return with your tail between your legs to knock on the door of your old boss explaining how you didn’t mean all those things you’ve said to him before.

Here are a few of our tips so you don’t lose your mind when you win big and you can manage to enjoy life and money.

Calm down and give yourself time

The basic tip is, breathe it out. Don’t make any impulsive decisions. Sleep on it once, twice, three-times... The first impact on your mental health and the chance to fulfill your dreams is tempting but you’ll have plenty of time for it. After winning it’s good to do things with a cool head. There’s no reason to rush, the money won’t disappear and you won’t miss anything important. There's no need to panic and worry about nonsense.

Let the professionals guide you

No good lottery will let you fend for yourselves. After winning they will at least offer you professional help. Either from the financial field, investments but even psychological. We advise you to utilize all of them and yes, even the psychologist. They’ll bring judgment and rational decision-making into the flood of emotion. Really think of it as help. Listen and take advice.

Don’t draw attention to yourself

If during the following few days, two new Jaguars and one Maseratti show up before your apartment, it’ll be pretty hard to stay anonymous. When it’s really important that you remain as inconspicuous as possible. Lottery operators don’t disclose the identity of their winners upon agreement and they know all too well why. You have no idea how many (old)new “friends” and acquaintances you would suddenly have. In 2015, a person from the Czech Republic won the Eurojackpot lottery of € 90,000,000. To this day, no one knows who that person was and that´s good. Take note. You can show-off with other things than quickly made money.

Pay all your debts and secure your family

Today, only a few people don’t have a mortgage or a loan. A win is a great opportunity to get rid of that burdensome duty. But practice judgment even here, wait for the time when you can pay-off your loans without any unnecessary fees, don’t feed the banks unnecessarily even when it may seem like lose change. Help your closest family. Use the money to make your own children’s life beginning easier. One day they’ll want to become independent and an apartment or money for school always comes in handy.

Invest so that your money works itself

With all that joy and the awesome feeling of a big win, it’s hard to imagine that there might be a time when the money runs dry. And without a thought-out plan for future earnings, it’s most likely or even certain. Which is why we’ve recommended an investment consultant. He/she can help you find investment opportunities with low risk which with a large capital (that you have) will bring you a peaceful monthly life-long pension for you, your children and your children’s children. Making your money generate revenue each month is one of the best things you can do with your winnings.

Make your dream come true

We wouldn’t like this article to be about duties. So the best for last. You’ve won so you need to reward yourselves. Make your secret dream come true and buy yourself something that you long for. Of course, it should be something that will make you happy. That will make you happy from a long-term point of view or that you’ll be remembering for a long time. Well even dreaming should be done with moderation and believe us that your own island in the Caribbean may sound great but there’s a lot of problems and investments related to it. Let your common sense guide you and it’ll be fine and your money will last.

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