Modern technologies are developing at a rapid speed, allowing you to play your favorite game at any time from the comfort of your home. You can win your first million for example on your uncle's 60th birthday celebration.

We all have to thank smartphones for this - their rapid development and huge popularity among users allowed the traditionally conservative gambling industry to grow and find customers where it was unthinkable before. In only a few years, casinos spread all over the internet.

Today, you can win sums that you couldn't even dream of in local casinos, while relaxing in your bathtub. The software used by casino allows easy access to all games practically without any limitations.

Playing in a casino on a mobile phone

All you need to play your favorite game is an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. If you decide to give it a try, there are three ways to play in an online casino.

1. Mobile application of a casino

The first option is to download the application of a specific casino. This comes with a whole range of advantages. The most important ones are comfort and stability. Most casinos have their applications custom developed. You only need to log into the app using your account and the optimized software will allow you to play without problems from any device. It doesn't matter if you use an iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

2. Optimized (responsive) web or page for mobile devices

This solution is similar to an application, with the difference that you don't need to install anything. This option has its advantages (saves you space) and disadvantages (the software is not able to sufficiently use the performance of your phone). In this case, the online casino is optimized for a web browser that you use on your mobile phone. However, it may happen that not all games are optimized for the used responsive design and may be harder to play.

3. Classical web

The worst option. We recommend avoiding these casino services, if possible. The casino website is not optimized for a mobile phone display. As a result, you will need to keep zooming in and out, and if you have bigger fingers, you will have problems hitting the required buttons. If, in addition, the website is of an older date, it is very probable that it won't run on your mobile or tablet (as it is programmed in flash).

If you have a choice, always go for a casino with a mobile application. If you're not convinced by the comfortable gameplay, you may enjoy the much better audio-visual aspects and of course the number of offered games.

Promo events and bonuses of mobile casinos

Bonuses are one of the most notable advantages of online gaming. Mobile casinos, unlike local brick-and-mortar ones, do not care where you're from. It targets an unlimited market and therefore tries to attract as many players as possible. This is very advantageous for you. Online casinos literally fight over who will offer the most bonuses. Most of these are targeted at newly registered players. Of course, this leads to so-called "registration tourists", but that is a risk casinos are willing to take.

When targeting a global market, another significant attraction is of course the Jackpot. Jackpots are usually high in online casinos, as it is a great marketing tool. It is easy to find casinos with Jackpots ranging in hundreds of thousands of Euro. Winning a couple hundred thousand Euro while sitting in front of your TV, that's much better than sitting in smoke-filled casinos.

Finally, we would like to point out another great thing - you can try out most of what the casino has to offer completely free of charge. Some casinos will even add points for playing and if you collect enough points, you can exchange them for credits for playing. Don't expect any huge amounts but it's enough to start playing.

Mobile casinos are experiencing the golden age and it would be a shame not to try them out. They offer a comfortable solution for players who do not like classical casinos. Try them out for free and choose the one you like the best.

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