You'll probably agree with us that casino tournaments are one of many popular additions to casino entertainment. Yes, this is undoubtedly true and many casinos are aware of this, which is why you can participate in a tournament on virtually a daily basis. Not even the European online casinos are lagging behind in these promotions which we are very happy about.

What are casino tournaments?

Casino tournaments are, so to speak, a competition that casinos can hold virtually in any type of casino game. However, the vast majority of tournaments are played on slot machines. But it's no wonder, as the spinning reels are clearly the most sought-after in casinos. These tournaments are usually played for very attractive prizes. Casinos subsidize tournaments with interesting cash subsidies or prizes in the form of popular free spins.

Joining individual tournaments is usually very easy. All you have to do is play the games of your choice and comply with the terms and conditions of that particular tournament. We strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions before entering any of the tournaments so that you know what you need to do. The most important tournament terms and conditions are:

  • Tournament time - hourly tournaments, daily tournaments, multi-day tournaments, and weekend tournaments
  • Playing qualifying games - you should always check which games are included in the tournament. For example, casinos tend to include only new games that have been added to their selection, or they focus only on games from a particular manufacturer or select games according to some common features (fruit slot machines...)
  • Scoring system - another very important condition to keep in mind. Getting as many points as possible is important in a tournament, and you need to know what principle you can use to get those points. Most often, points in tournaments are awarded for the total amount of bets placed, for each bet made, based on the highest weighted win (win/bet) principle. However, there can be many more scoring rules, so always read this condition carefully.
  • Minimum bet value - casinos always state how much your bet must be in order for you to score points in the tournament. This is usually in the range of €0.10 - €0.50.

A tournament calendar as a guide

Keeping track of all the tournaments in the casinos is very difficult, as the casinos offer several tournaments every day. However, we have very great news for you. To make sure you don't miss out on any interesting tournaments that you'd like to play in, we've prepared a new section called Tournament Calendar. In this section, you will find the tournaments clearly displayed in two categories. The first part of the top of the page belongs to the current ongoing casino tournaments. Here you will find the individual live tournaments with the time until which they take place, and in addition to that, you will find which casino they are played in, what the buy-in is, how many players will be rewarded, and the criteria you can use to earn points for the tournament. When one of the tournaments appeals to you, just click on the yellow "Play in Tournament" button and you will automatically be taken to the address of the casino where the tournament is taking place. The second part of this tournament calendar is a schedule of tournaments planned for the future. In case you want to play a tournament a few days later, you can check the list of tournaments that the casinos are planning. We hope that this tournament guide will help you to find your way around and choose the right tournament for you.

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