An unclaimed jackpot worth 76,369,806 GBP

Certainly you, too, have thought about what you would do if you were to win the jackpot. Quit your job, invest in a luxurious vacation, buy a fast car, a large house... Sure, there’s a lot of stuff one could do.

Those who buy a lottery ticket tend to watch the draw with anticipation, hoping that today is their lucky day. But that wasn’t the case of a winner from Great Britain who won over 76 million British Pounds in Euromillions on 2 November. Indeed, the lucky winner is yet to claim his or her prize.

On 2 November, the draw at the English Euromillions was: 5, 15, 17, 37, 44 , followed by two star-numbers: 7 and 11. The winning ticket is worth 76,369,806 British Pounds, and nobody has claimed the prize yet. It’s quite possible that the lucky winner simply bought a ticket just for fun and has no idea that he/she won in the lottery. The organizers decided to seek him or her out on their own. They started by focusing on the area where the winning ticket was submitted. “We’ve got a bottle of cold Champagne ready and really hope someone will come and claim the prize,” they said.

Based on the lottery operators, the winner probably lost the ticket somewhere and can’t find it now. “Our search for the winner is becoming desperate! That's why we’re reminding everyone to check their pockets if they took part in the lottery draw on 2 November. Just look in your wallet, bag, behind your sofa, basically check all the potential places the lost ticket might be in. Someone might have a huge hidden treasure right next to them!”

The jackpot is the 12th largest prize in Great Britain, and the lucky winner can claim the prize by 1 May next year. People all around the world find the situation entertaining, and also a bit incredible. “It’s ridiculous! Who would buy a ticket and never look at it?” Said one particularly bewildered fan.

We, too, wish a lot of luck to the unknown winner and hope that he or she will appear sooner or later and enjoy their beautiful prize!

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