How not to get infected: mobile phone disinfection

How not to get infected: mobile phone disinfection

The coronavirus is scaring the entire world for the past few months. You’ve probably noticed it yourselves since the media are bravely supplying us with statistics, accounts and expert interviews every day. Therefore, you probably know what the best prevention is – regularly and thoroughly washing your hands, maintain distance from people of about 1 meter, avoiding people with a cold.

The problem is that most of us immediately reach for our phones after washing our hands. Some browse social media, others want to play one of their favorite casino games... According to many studies your mobile phone is dirtier than, for example, the toilet bowl. We degrade our whole washing strategy with a single touch of our mobile device. So, if you’re planning a small gaming session, you can catch the disease by touching your phone. It is, therefore, good to know how to keep your phone as safe as possible.

Mobile phones and tablets are more popular among players

It is obvious from the statistics that casino games are played on mobile phones regularly by 50 to 70% of players. Thus, most of us spin the reels on mobile devices. And it's the mobile devices that are ideal places for the SARS-COV2 virus that causes the COVID19 disease to catch and later infect you. And no, it doesn’t just have to be the display that can cause an infection. The virus can also be on the back case of the phone, the buttons or other parts that stand out. Therefore, always protect your phone.

The virus can survive on the phone for up to 4 days

The virus can survive on various surfaces for a varying amount of time. Naturally, its ability to survive is affected by external conditions. It fares differently in a hot or cold environment. Scientists agree, however, that the glass used for the touch surfaces of mobile phones can, in ideal circumstances, support the virus for up to 96 hours. Up to 72 hours on plastics. This isn’t exactly information that could be taken lightly. It’s very important that you don’t underestimate hygiene and lower the risk of infection in any way possible. Even though you don’t leave your apartment for 3 days, your phone could still be contaminated from your last trip.

How to protect your phone from the coronavirus

The average person grabs their phone with their hand about 2,600-times a day. We take our mobile phones with us everywhere, to work, restaurants and yes, also to the bathroom. During the coronavirus threat, be very careful where you put your phone. Avoid placing your devices on common tables either in cafés, restaurants but also during work meetings.

Also, try to keep your phone out of places where droplets from sneezing or coughing could reach. Droplets can fly through the air up to 2 meters far which is why you should keep your phone hidden from their reach. Whether you choose a pant pocket (they don’t have to be the cleanest) or a drawer in your desk is up to you. Definitely don’t leave your phone on the table if there are more people around.

Disinfect your mobile phone and tablet

If you have no way of avoiding the use of your mobile phone outside, it’s good to disinfect it afterward. Don't take this lightly.

How to properly disinfect your mobile phone?

If you used the standard moist tissues, it could happen that you hurt your phone more than clean it. Luckily, the individual phone manufacturers started waking up and they are communicating ways to their customers on how to clean the phones without damaging them.

The most efficient way of dealing with the coronavirus could be moist tissues with at least a 70% content of isopropylalcohol. You don't have to be afraid of that. Even Apple that, for a long time didn’t recommend this way, admitted that isopropylalcohol in that concentration won't damage the oleophobic layer of the display even when used several times over. The phone manufacturers do warn that it’s necessary to avoid the solution getting into the open parts of the phone.

Never dip phones into anything and also don't apply any sprays on the phones. Put any solution on a rag or cloth first. You should give your phone this cleansing as often as possible. Don’t despair even if you don't have isopropylalcohol at home. In cases like this, the manufacturers recommend cleaning the display with a microfiber cloth with a thin soaking of soap water. If you have UV lamps at home, use that as well, UV rays kill most viruses.

We believe that the coronavirus will soon end and we will once again be able to have fun in mobile casinos to the fullest, without fear of touching the screen. Before that happens, however, follow the hygienic regulations. May your online playing be safe and healthy.