During the quarantine, better play online

During the quarantine, better play online

Playing casino games online has a number of advantages, especially today when a new type of coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease is afoot outdoors.

A dangerous virus is scaring the world

The virus SARS-CoV-2, also being called the New Coronavirus spread across the world from the Chinese city of Wu-chan. At the beginning of March, it also arrived in Slovakia. And despite that, many people are saying that it is just an ordinary and stronger flu. COVID-19 hides a lot more dangerous than that. It attacks the airways, creates severe complications mainly for older people and it spreads as a droplet infection through personal contact, such as sneezing, handshakes or touching an object that was infected by an ill person. It’s concerning that so many people and countries were struck this fast. According to the World Health Organization - WHO the threat of a worldwide pandemic is more and more realistic.

What does the SARS-CoV-2 new coronavirus cause?

The new coronavirus causes an infectious disease called COVID-19. The initial symptoms are a fever, intensive headaches, breathing difficulties that may have fatal results mainly for a weakened body. The problem is the incubation period, which is up to 2 weeks and the fact that the virus may be spread by people without any symptoms of the disease itself.

How to protect yourselves from the new coronavirus?

Experts are now mainly urging preventive measures. Increased hygiene of the hands is important, regular use of disinfectant and avoiding any contact with an infected person.

Avoid casinos and gambling houses

As part of the quarantine or prevention, several public events were canceled, many museums, libraries, and schools were closed and it is not recommended to visit cities with a high concentration of people. Even if you can’t imagine a time without your favorite pastime in casinos or gambling houses, better to avoid them for some time. In casinos, it is not possible to disinfect all the buttons on the slot machines, all the chips or cards after each touch or sneeze. And so it can be a place with a high risk of being exposed.

You won’t lose your favorite casino games

A temporary lapse in visiting your gambling house doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your favorite casino games. Today, playing online via the internet is a great alternative that you can take advantage of during this period. But don’t forget to regularly disinfect your mobile device.

Thanks to licensed casinos with a selection of online gambling games, you can be more careful and increase the amount of fun. You don’t have to go anywhere to place a ticket into the lottery, spin the reels of a slot or to choose and scratch a card.

What's waiting for you in an online casino?

In the wide selection of online casinos and lottery companies, you will find everything related to gambling games. You can place a ticket online for number games or buy a scratch card. For sports fans, there is a wide selection of betting on sports events before they start or even LIVE while watching the match. You can expect games such as roulette, blackjack and a number of thematic slot machines. Are you craving some relaxation and fun from the safety of your home? Online games are intended just for you.

Being careful is important, don't start panicking for no reason. Enjoy your day how you want it and dedicate your free time to some fun! Have great fun regardless of what’s happening outside and maybe you’ll even win a nice prize.
We wish you good luck and lots of fun!